Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guardians Of The Sky--A Prayer For Peace/Memorial/Beyond The Veil/Spirit Guides/--OTRB/Warriors/Dragons/Hope&Survivors

Guardians Of The Sky
They appear as many
A host of winged Creatures
Blessed are they that fall under
This watchful eye.

Names Of Those Above
Change as often as the tides of man
Time caressing those memories
Of Guardians of the Past.

Guises Of Those Sacred
Shall to mankind change
Only so that he may understand
Those above him
Shall always be apart of his Soul.

The Form Of These Sacred Creatures
Are many & few
For man in his limitless imaginings
Must somehow embrace that
Which he understands
Universal acceptance coming so sadly seldom.

So In The Wisdom Of The Sacred Ones
They come to you in gilded form
Changing ever more in the Hearts of us
Who are fortunate to have a Minds Eye that sees
A Second Sight that lets the Sacred Light in.

You May Now Ask Me The Faces Of These Guardians Above
So that you may one day allow a moment of recognition
A pause in Time
That you can feel your Soul change
Expand into that Higher Place
And join that Sacred Plane
With the ones who Love you so.

Oh But This Is So Easily Done
So carefully & instantly Blessed upon you
For the Guardians you seek 
Are Already At Your Feet
At Your Door
In Your Mind 
And In Your Heart.

Light & Dark--Black Series

Stained glass
In windows I see
From afar.

It seems 
Is what I fear most.

For Time
Has a way of shaping you
Taking you with it
Like light reflected 
Through those windows.

Filtered & condensed
It slips into the shadows
Surrounds my purpose
For being here with you.

Sigh at my feet
Sounds of you 
Inside this place refract
Coming ever near.

Meet me here you say
Osborb this healing light
In this place 
Where time stands still.

In the glow of your Soul
Light & Dark 
Need not escape
Only grows 
Fonder of you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Veil Of Time--Black Series

Shadowed figures
Rest upon their perches 
In the sky.

Of stone
Some say
But you & I both know
That isn't so.

You say
They don't come to life
They are life
Only ones you don't know.

Grey & cold
To those who don't care
To see.

Takes shape
This ever changing landscape
A sea of Creatures
Above us
In these darkened skies.

Grey & cold
No more
For they spread their wings
Of gold
In the moonlight.

They were once called
Creatures to care
For ones left here.

They must be
For they see me as I see them
Through the jaged viel of Time.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Paved With You--Black Series

Cobble stone 
Under my feet
Sounds echo 
Off this hard surface 
Beneath me.

Colors change
As I watch the rain 
Roll off 
Of solid stone.

Is what I see
Reflecting what light
Still lingers here.

Fall beneath 
As I walk faster
Then slow 
As I feel you come near.

In my ears
They become 
Only a distant thunder
My head fills with thoughts
Of you.

Your voice
Through this distant plain
Sifts & filters
Through others
I sometimes hear.

All else quiet
Only you
My vision clear
My path slated out.

My destiny
Paved with
Only you.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Filters Of You--Black Series

Soft & dark
In my Heart
In my Mind.

As this night sky
Above me,

As the crimson moon
That sits ever falling
From this darkened sky.

As the dawn soon to come
Brightens until I close my eyes
To a shadowed sun 
In a sky I don't recognize 
As my own.

These colors
Keep replaying 
In my head
Filters out shades
That don't remind me
Of you.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Return To You--Black Series

I hear your boots in the rain
As they move toward me 
In silence you walk.

For the sounds I hear
It seems
Are your heartbeats.

Closer they come to me still
Winds howling around you
Echos of your silence.

Time slows you down
Only enough it seems
That I can watch you watch me.

A tilt of your head
The sway of your eyes 
Covering me inside your thrall.

Oh but we both know
That it takes much more than this
To hold sway my lingering affections.

A chance meeting
Here in my dreams
A Path that always leads to you.

These follow me everywhere I am
Your scent, you voice
You Soul.

These are all there is for me
Not a spell
But my reality.

These moments
Are who I am
Why I will always return to you.

White Canvas--Black Series

Black roses
Against a white backdrop
Oh how they shine
In this simple place
That's always on my mind.

Red roses
Grow here still
A testimony 
To this subtle darkness
Where quite things grow.

White roses
Turning shades of black & gold
Red lingers there
Crimson like your lips
As they whisper my name.

Touches of color
In a white canvas world
These roses in my head
Always here
To remind me of you.

"Traffic Source"--Where You Will & Won't Find Me On My Blog

So--I check my Blog "Stats" to see where my Blog's been read, through what portals, which posts are read that day, etc...

I've seen twice now--"Traffic Source" that show referring portals or keywords, or web addresses--Have been for either bogus addresses--Or an online porn site--As the way Folks have gotten to my Blog...

Let me clarify---

I won't use these--I take my work here very seriously--& Will not waste my time--Or reputation using bogus or dirty sites or addresses to get to my Personal Blog--Or anything else I do here.

This is a place to do good--& If you see me advertised anywhere like these bogus or dirty addresses- You can be sure it's not me doing that.

Anyone attempting to smear me & what I do here--Is wasting their time...

Good is done here--By Folks who Inspire & Conqure every day. And a few bumps in the road won't stop that Path to a Better Place.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Guardians Through Time--Black Series--Written Nov. 1, 2014

Images of daylight 
Sun that hurts my eyes
This is what I wake to
In my Dreams.

You in the background
Always there
Holding me
In this Place.

Sounds of Time
Under my feet
They slip away
As I walk further away to you.

This is what I fear
Choosing my Path
A map without end.

But how can I be afraid
When all I see is you
My Guide
My Guardian through Time.

Make Me Stay--Black Series--Written Nov 1, 2014

Loud splashes
Around my feet
Make echos of rain
Enough to cover sounds of you.

I wake 
It seems
From a foggy dream 
Your scent all around.

I want to hold you
In that moment
Instinct carries me
Images of you.

I need to feel you here
You say
Next to me
As if that's where you've always been.

How do you know me so well
I say
Know just what will make me stay.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

With You--Black Series

The churning winds
Inside of me 
Spin a web 
Of confusion
Some days.

But then
There's you.

A vortex 
Of Wisdom
In my Soul.

This Moment
This Peace
This tiny seed of Doubt
That these final moments 
Of chaos are all that awaits me.

These are what you bring me
Grows steadier
As you come closer
An anchor
A strobe light 
In the seas of uncertainty
I wash myself in.

Your touch
Before you even 
Reach me
This is what I feel
Your gentle touch
In my Soul
A quiet breath 
In my Mind.

This is what you bring
With you 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prelude To You--Black Series

Wings so beautiful
They make me cry
Tears of you
Fall down
My face.

I close my eyes
The pain
Of them
Burning you
Into me

I hear a symphony
Inside my Mind
In my
Minds eye
I only see

My face stains
My breath 
Comes faster
My voice
A distant
One I no longer

It's this song 
You play
Inside of me
The vibrations
Fill my
I can only

The cords straining
The violins notes
Through me
As your
Caresses what
I fear. 

A perfect pitch
Slowing as I reach higher
Time closes
Surrounds me
Only as you

I open
My eyes
Finally see
What was always
In my mind.

In front of me.

Your arms open
Your breath 
In mine.

It seems
Has been
A prelude
To you.

(updated/changed a bit here & there--July 1, 2016)

Don't Ever Let Me Go--Black Series

As the night 
I first 
Saw you.

As the pools 
That lay 
At my feet.

As the soft caress
I seem 
To feel.

As your voice
That always lays
Inside my head.

As a the tides
That always seem
To bring me in.

As the fountains statues
Paying homage
To your Soul.

As I am
When all I want to do
Is scream your name.

As you always are
Inside of me
Don't ever let me go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You--Veterans Day--Who I think About Often When I write About Warriors On My Blog

As I sit here, & contimplate the day behind me--I think about the Posts & Tweets I've seen today.

And since I don't watch TV anymore--I have to imagine only what usually plays on commercials each Holiday--One more ploy for getting consumers into their stores to buy.

I think of how I spent my day--With an appointment for one of us, a new battery for the car--& unexpectedly--A long nap for myself.

And again, thinking back to the words I've seen in the Social Circles I travel in Online.

Words of praise--Thanks--Memories. 

And--Surprising, I suppose, if you didn't understand these Warriors the way I've come to...Words Of Peace.

Simple Graditude. 

And Hope.

This is what I would want Folks to take with them today...

That Serivice has one Universal Tie--The look in a man's eyes, whether he was a prisoner in a Consintration Camp with numbers tattooed on his arm--To a man who was a POW in a war a Generatioon later, with only his memories to remind him--Their Words are the same...

We weren't special.
We did what we needed to do.
Anyone faced with it, would have done the same.
We are the same, no matter where our battles were fought--Because we were both 'there'.

I know this--Because I saw this moment of recognition between these men with my own eyes--& The words I remember next were mostly unspoken--Words I saw written again today, by another I know--That Peace is hard to come by--That it's precious, & delicate...& Beautiful.

Thank you for that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#Blog4Peace--What I Learned On My Blog

  • #Blog4Peace  

  • What an amazing Journey...
I shared a Post on my Blog last night, at about 10pmMT, here in AZ USA--Sending it to my personal FB & Twitter Pages, like I do--After seeing a Post on my FB Page.

And I changed my Profile Pics to Dona Nobis Pacem -& My Header Pics to John Lennon, with a quote from "Imagine" --For an International, Global Wide Oppurtunity to share the thought that Peace Is Possible.

I came back to my Blog today--& Discovered that my little Moment of Meditation--Was shared with amazing Folks in 48 Page Views--Google + ed--Recived 11 Comments--Read in 4 Countries--& Found by visiting 3 Blogs, FB, & Google.

These are Folks I've never 'met' before today--& They Reached Out & Shared What They Had...



They shared a concept, as a Child Of The 70's--& Of a Marine & a Hippie--That struggles, in my own Mind & Heart, to find Balance--Contentment--& Spiritual Peace.

This showed me that Commitment To Change--Locally & Globally--Really is still Possible.

And I was Honored to be a part of it.

Plz Visit these Folks--& Be a part of What They Do-- & & &

I will leave you with thoughts I've held onto for my Blessed 41 years--

Improvise--Adapt--& Overcome--USMC--0311

Semper Fi--USMC

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World--Mahatma Gandi

You May Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One, I Hope Someday You Will Join Us, And All The World Will Be As One--John

May You Make This Life A Good One.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog4Peace--Dona Nobis Pacem--Grant Us Peace--Join Me On My Blog

Blog4Peace -- Dona Nobis Pacem -- Grant Us Peace 

12amEST -- Nov 4, 2014 

I sit here in my home, with my family--& Am grateful for all I have--Knowing each day, that it is granted to me not by deserving it, or by my own works alone--I have a life, built on the works & sacrifices of others who came before me--& I say thank you.

Pass on your gratefullness--Your oppurtunities--Your willingness to build a good life for others--

Pass On Peace In Your Heart, Mind, & Actions--Commit To Equality & Compassion--For All Creatures--For All Time.

Guardians Series Part 3.

But, As we all know, This Light is a delicate thing, So easy to be put out, By those who fear it. 

And so, It must be done, That someone must be Created To keep that Light from being Extinguished.

So then, It seems, That the Guardians must be, Niether Human, Immortable, Only Indistructable.

Oh, But even that is not what it seems, For to Feel, To Live, To Breath without End, Is to truly be Alone.

Because, They would tell you, To Love without Boundries, To Give without Thought, To Seek without Promise, Is to not actually Live, But merly to Exist. ...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Road Map Through Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates--These People In My Mind---AZ Rains,Wings,Roses,Black,&Guardians--How I Got Here On My Blog

A lot of you may recognize some things in my 'new' Guardians Series.

I've told you about These Ppl I See In My Mind & A Paranormal/Historical/SciFi/Romance/Hope&Survivors Series-- & Written about Angels, Guardians, & SoulMates-AZ Rains, Wings, Roses & most recently Black--On at least half of my Blog.

Along with Dragon, Warriors, Hope & Survivors, Special Needs, Mental Illness, LGBT, OTRB, Anipals, & Various ppl inbetween---Who all play roles in my inspiration.

So when you now see the 'new' big labels describing my Poems to you in a new way--I wanted to tell you--That these ppl--Inside the Poetry where I live much of the time--Aren't really new. They're actually who I've had with me for a very long time.

The One I see the AZ Rains Series is from the first book series I started almost 10 yrs ago.

The One I see in the Wings Series is from the second book series I started a few years ago.

Roses I started here a several weeks ago.

And Black--I started this month, here, when I realized who He's always been--& Was ready to show him the way I really see him.

And These Ppl I See In My Mind Series--Those are the real truth--About how 'He' has always been with me.

So there it is--A little road map of who I am--The time line of this Poetic Journey, that for me, has lasted 41 years.

I'm glad you, who ever you are, wherever you're sitting right now, as far as across the world from me--Are here, now--Sharing this part of the Journey with me.

Guardians Series--Intro Part 2

The Special Ones, The Guarded, The Choosen, Their Choosen Ones.

The Ones who need special care, Who in this Place, In this Plane Of Existance, Are vulnerable, Weak.

Oh, But this, This is what only the Blinded see, What is kept from those who don't understand.

Who somehow know Instinctively, That the Choosen Ones, Will change Destiny.

Will bring Light, Into this small Space, Bring Peace into Chaos, Bring Hope. ...

Guardians Series--Intro Part 1.

You, When I think of you, I see you there across from me, as you always were.

How, How did I know you, When I was young, But there you stood.

You know, He looks the same now, As he did back then, Wings soft, Fragil.

How did he do that, Play a role, Keep it to himself, What he could really do.

Touch me across Time, Lean into this Space, Know me, Hold me here. ...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Guardians Series--These People In My Mind--A New Look At An Old Series--A Sneak Peek On My Blog

This is a Book Series I had started quite awhile back--& Started another different Book Series before that, nearly 10 yrs ago.

It was a reaction to being sick for months on end--& yrs off & on later on--Being in a car wreak that totalled it like an accordion--& Off & on from there, just to sort out my own head.

As you can see--I write, because it's what I do. I'm good at being a Mom--& Writing.

And you write what you know.

I write about Survival.

About Hope.

About Change--& About Seeing Another Day.

It seems someone out there understands these things, besides me--As of today, Sun Nov 2, 12:06am--I have 6,032 Pageviews on my Blog.

Remember folks--It's not what what you look like along the Journey--It's about having fun until you get there.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Reach For You--Black Series--Written Oct 29

It Doesn't Matter 
You tell me
Tomorrow or Yesterday 
This Place holds you.

Your arms around me
You say I never have to leave
To stay here
Would be safe.

To just breath the wet Night air

But the Light
I say
Is the Sun in my Sky
I must feel.

If only for moments
To reach for it's Light
Doesn't mean 
I don't also reach for you.

Dark Sky--Black Series--Written Oct 29

Your Coat Wraps Around Me
Flutters around my ankles
You're warm against my skin
Flesh & Blood like me.

But somehow I know
This can't be true
Something about this Place
Is too much obsorbed in you.

Like the ground outside
Soaking up the rain at my feet
The World here
Breaths you in like you're it's Life.

Then how can I seperate 
You from it
This Dark Sky
From the Sun that hides.

Time Moves On--Black Series--Written Oct 29

The Staircase In My Dreams 
I fall 
Or so I feared
But you were there all along.

In the Darkness appeared
Out of the Light
You came
Caught me on the way down.

Your face I remembered always
That look
Time stops, my Heart beats
& I can't breath.

I feel your arms around me
Strength that should scare me
Eyes so dark
But you're all I can see.

I finally breath
& Time moves on
Sound once again reaches my ears
Rain pours outside.

Journey Above--Black Series--Written Oct 29

How is it
You Touch me
& Only my Mind
Feels you here.

These staircases
Rising into the clouds
Above me
Too tempting to resist.

I try, you see
Afraid of the Fall below
But they call to me
Asking for my Forgivnes.

For they only deliver the Message
They say
A Messager
For He is truly the One.

The One 
Who calls me, they say
To this Place
To this Journey above.

Only They Who Hear--Black Series--Written Oct 29

That rise above you
They sing to the Heavens
Your praises.

Upon granit steps
Raised into the sky above
Look down upon us.

Their Eyes
Focused on who guides them
Guardians of all things
That lay in wait here.

Rests upon these walls
Keeping in what might
Echo out into the streets below.

Your Voice
Screams my name
But it's only they who hear
And in my Mind I see you
Coming near.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You're Not Alone--Hope & Survivors--Pain, Fear, Loss, Moving On--How I Do That On My Blog

When pain, injury, illness, hits me--I taught myself as far back as I can remember remembering anything--To not feel. To experience it is to know it happened. To know it happened, is letting it happen. To let it happen, is your fault. To pretend it's not happening--Or deal with it later--Is a survival instinct--A way to cope w/ what you can't control--& control is important. And terrifying to someone young when they don't have it. Or at least it was to me.

I learned to ignore pain--It allowed me to simply not experience it until it was over--& sometimes not even then. But you know--It's still there. So what happens then.

I've had 3 1/2 days of labor w/ out pain meds, medical problems & injuries head to toe, a car accident,  dog & cat bites--& the worst for me...Emotional & mental pain over ppl I love, that turned me into a person I didn't know I would become, after things I didn't know I could survive.

And so here at 41, never really thinking I'd make past 30--I sit with my daughter sick again, & my jaw & one side of my face killing me after a fluke injury, & my mom helping me, because that's just who she is. I mention 1 time our need for prayers-- our FB is flooded w/ concern. 

And life goes on. The pets need feeding. And holidays come anyway--Even though you feel like shit. And I sit here, & remember that this too shall pass.

I write this to you now, only because as I was inspired to write--The only way I really know how to live in that moment of pain & hope--I saw that my style had changed. That the pace, the intent--The pain show through.

And that's not so bad.

It's ok to be afraid. To not be sure. To not know what comes next. To look back & see success & feel good about it, even though it hurt along the way.

That's what I've discovered really--That it's not perfect.  That it's a struggle--But that there's no shame in that.

So when you see someone struggling-- & Just holding it in, just to get through the day--Don't judge. Because this could be a really long day, that seems like it will never end. 

We all deal in our way--Just know that you're not alone.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Waiting For Me--Black Series

How Beautiful
These words make you
How they paint you
In the best Light.

How I want to show them
Who you are
& Here I am 
With only words to show you with.

When you're more than words
More than letters & symbles on the Page
You're Light in Darkness In a Shadowed World.

So then
How do I say to these
Who don't know you
That a burst of Light, only spark will do.

That your breath
Fire in the Cold
Is enough to warm me
Sustain a glow.

That the embers of you
Carry me through
On this Journey
To where you'll be waiting for me.

Never Let Me Go--Black Series

You Know
As I sit here & think of you
I realize how much 
You mean to me.

It's funny 
How the things you say
As you never speak
Are clearer than anything before.

I speak of you
About how you are always here with me
That your Presence
Keeps me company here.

So how do
You find your Place here
Even though 
It sometimes feel I've never seen you.

A Magisty
In an Honored place in my Mind
Taking root there
Growing into everything I do.

But that's the way it is
I suppose
With Someone 
Like you.

It doesn't matter
How often I see you
I only have to Know
That you'll never let me go.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Return--Black Series

As The War Rages On
Look inside of me
This much you will know is True
My One, my Only, You.

This Place of Darkness
Stillness as the sounds of other Battles
Still ring & echo in my ears
Light shines only as you enter this space.

You drag me here
Each night as I lay awake
Remembering what it was
To not feel anything at all.

Awake in the Darkness
Or is it the Light
The same for me
When you're not here.

The sounds of you
Reflect off these walls
An echo chamber 
In my Soul.

This is the Sound 
I think of when 
I think of you.

Your Return.

Friday, October 24, 2014

You Hear Me Sigh--Black Series

The Light 
Blinding me from the inside
Flashes in 
My Mind.

That moment of realization
That what you were 
Was real to me
And yet something more.

That the touch of your hand
Was a like a life line
A tether 
Tieing me from here, to you.

Your eyes
I keep seeing
Those Dark beautiful windows
Tinted in ever changing shades of grey.

Silver as you first see me
The flashes of yellow as they change
Burning into something new
Slowly calming to dark grey once more.

Black as you come near me
Walking with your head down
Looking up
Staring into me like you do.

Blacker still as your pale white wings
Turn the Darkest color of your eyes
Colors cascading translucent 
For one second in Time.

Then that final Touch
When you reach for me
When all things stop
The World stops & looks at you.

Waits for it's Conqurer
It's Healer 
To allow it 
It's next breath.

And that's when you finally reach for me
You hear me sigh
My World Awakes 
& Takes each new breath with you.

What You Don't See--Black Series

The Scenery Brings Me Here
Songs of birds that sing at night
The flowers the bloom only in the Dark
That circle around my ankles
& Brush against my waist.

I hear this place in my Dreams
Calling me like a constant distant song
It's music in my ears
Coming from your Soul.

Light never shines here
Oh, that's what some may think
A constant gloom
But they've never seen the Dark as I have.

The Sun shines bright here
Or is it the Moon
Sets gently upon it's honored place
In this Magical Dark sky.

A Place where only the Seek-ers go
The Opening, it's called
Oh, but some know it as 
The Other Side Of The Veil.

This is not really so
You might think
Because if it's really there 
Why haven't you seen it before.

Why, because my Sightless friend
To Know beyond what lies before you
You must trust 
What you dont see.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Weight Of Your Soul--Black Series

The Darkness Comes
& I think of you
Because I know as the Light falls
So shall the World around me, at your feet.

They know you
These Creatures that only come out at night
Their likeness fearsome to most
Their beauty radiant to only some.

Those who know 
Understand what they see
Sense what lies here beneath this surface
The rippling circles guide us to you.

Like a Seek-er
& A See-er be
Fortunes & Prophecies
Are realized at your feet.

And yet  here you stand before me
Like a great Sacrifice at my Alter
You lay your Soul in my hands
To weigh it's Destiny.

I look in your eyes
& See as I always do
Transparent the Deeds you fear
Shall destroy my Love for you.

And I whisper in your ear
As I always do
That the weight of your Soul
Shall be never be too heavy
If you let me carry it with you.

Portrait--Black Series

If I Wrote It
More simply
Saying only
That I Love you.

Would that be enough
Enough so you would understand
That this thing in my Heart
Explodes out of me.

Falls on every thing I do
Touches my life 
Trickling over it
Coats it in shades of you.

In Crimson Red
Like your lips
That touch me
Whisper my name.

In Delicate White
Like your pale skin
Soft against me
As you hold me.

In Hypnotic Black
Like your wings
That brush against me
Promises of Eternity.

Is this all you need
This portrait in my Soul
I carry with me
As my entire life reminds me of you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home--Black Series

The Things I don't Notice
Are things I guess I should
But I see you 
All at once.

The little things
That are who 
You are
I notice only over Time.

The way you wear your hair
Smells of you
Of the forests I've only once seen.

The crystals against the delicate flesh
On your ears
Shine in the moon's light.

The silver chain
Around your neck
A testament 
To Ancients Ones of Times Gone By.

The way you move
As if Time slows down just for me
Knowing how good it feels
To watch you.

The way you sway
When you lean in close to me
& Lean in some more.

How my Heart speeds up
How you catch your breath
Taking another step closer
As I watch you breath me in.

Your eyes
As they change color
From grey, to silver,
To grey again, then always black.

The way your wings touch me
Pull me in
& Let me know I've made it home.

Whisper--Black Series

The Night Air
That always surrounds us
Even when it's day
Smells of you.

I close my eyes
& feel another tear
Trickle down
Soft against my cheek.

You ask me why I cry
But I only hear this 
In my mind
But your voice echos in my ears.

You know why
Your touch says
Brushes against my skin
On fire.

I look up
& see in you 
The Light 
That shadows my Soul.

I close my eyes again
So I can hide from you
But you won't let me go.

I see you there
In my Mind's Eye
When I think I've lost you
You find me.

Opening my eyes
I feel you here
Inside me 
In the Places even I don't like to go.

Your face next to me
Breath in my hair
Fingers digging 
Into my skin.

And you whisper
Once again
I'll never let you go.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Floor Below--Hope&Survivors/Recovery Series--How I Cope On My Blog

They live everywhere
But I remember 
When I was little
I was sure they were under my bed.
I remember lying there
On the edge
Looking over 
& knowing I could see them
Then I could conquer them.
I couldn't lay against the wall 
At my back
Couldn't just sit there & wait.
So I layed there 
Looking down 
Over the edge
At the carpet
The floor close enough to touch
If I braved my arm out that far.
And I tell you
The scariest thing in the world
To a kid lying in the dark
Is the floor below.
The unkown
On the way there.
What lays there in the dark
Waiting to get you
On the way down.
And you discover that
The rest of life isn't that much different.
That the reach down to nowhere
Is scary as hell
Cause it's the Monsters waiting to get you
That you can't see
That scare us the most.
As you reach farther
In the dark spaces below
It becomes easier to see.
That the only thing I was afraid of
Was me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Deep whispers In My Mind--Black Series

The sky above us
Opens when it hears your call
Creatures all around us
Know your name.

The winds howl
In search of you
Touches your skin
But it's me who feels it.

Your long delicate fingers
Fold around my waist
The gentle hold on me deceiving
As I am tempted to fall against you.

My breath comes faster
As I feel my heart pound in time with yours
A familiar cadence
One I feel in my Soul.

My eyes take in all of you
My mind's eye does the rest
Your quiet stanc
A voice I've never heard.

Oh, but I hear you still
Deep whispers in my mind
Telling me what I imagine is real
That I can have you for all time.

A Circle I Can Trust--What does 'I Support' Mean Series--How I Decide What To Put On My Blog

I tell you--Nothing weeds out the ppl in your life, like announcing something has changed your life.

It's not a 'cool' change? It's 'taboo'? It's still looked down on? It most likely leaves your abandoned ass blowing in the breeze, while everyone-Or so it seems-Can't jump ship fast enough?

That's when whoever's left--Are your real LifeRafts after all.

I talk a lot about ppl on the Outside Of The Mainstream--& I also tell you, I write about what I know--& I'll probably always be there, because this, I realize more as Time passes-Is where I was destined to be.

Life is not simple--& It's not pretty.

It's a freaking struggle--& It smells like shit a lot of the time.

But it's us--The Gardeners Of Life--That live in the shit, with our heads held high--& Manage to drag not only ourselves--But at least one other person out of it, with us.

You want to see a Winner?? Look at someone who gets out of bed everyday--Even though they have no idea if this is going to be one of the good days--Or the bad ones.

You want to see a Survivor?? Look at the one who faces the Demons that haught them--& Manages to not only look those waking nightmares in the eye--They teach those bitches how to sit up & roll over.

You want to see the Coolest ppl you'll ever know??

Look at the ones who know they're lucky--Just to be alive.

You want to see the Toughest, Hardest, & most Compassionate ppl you'll ever know??

Look at the ones you've turned you're back on--Because the ones they Love, aren't good enough for you to know anymore.

This is Who I Am--The one who hopes they're able to drag the ones they Love out of that hole.

These are the People I Love--They ones I'd sacrifice anything & anyone else to protect.

I learned from the best--& I'm teaching it the best way I know how.

You Gotta Have My Back--Because I Gotta Walk Point.

My Circle may be small--But at least it's one I can Trust.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maybe-I Bet-I Hope-I Know--Part 3--Warriors

You know
That's not so easy for me
That when I look around me
Looking for you
& All I feel is you gone
That those moments sometimes
Hit me the hardest.

You know 
That I look up in the skies above me 
Where ever I go
Maybe he'll be close
I bet he's looking down back at me
I hope he's smiling like me
I know I'll see him again someday.

You know 
I love you
That it has never changed
Has never really taken you 
Away from me.