Sunday, September 7, 2014

Universal Truths--What I Learned--Where My Blog Has Been--Blogs/Recovery/Hope&Survivors--What I've Discovered As I've Traveled Around The World On My Blog

I wanted to say a big Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this Blog Jourey with me.

My Blog has reached out to ppl across the world--Literally....

I check my Stats once in awhile--Curious to see who's out there--& An attempt to learn & understand how the other end of Shareing Your Art works--The communicating it to ppl beyond the page--Setting it free & letting it reach across lands & oceans, to ppl I won't meet in person, but who now know me in Spirit.

And I've discovered, that my words have been to the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Ireland, Several Countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, & Singapore.

I couldn't be more Amazed--Proud--Or Excited...

This is my Life--My Family--My Stuggles, Pain, Joys, Grief, Appreciation...Trimphs & Hopes.

You've been invited into a World--'My World...Sureal...& Amazing' as one new Friend put it....& I feel better for it.

Knowing I could write these things--Be honest with myself--Speak these sometimes Darker Places out loud...& Then allow myself the opportunity to see the Light...& See the Light through fresh eyes...Yours.

And I've discovered an amazing Truth--This, all these things, these Moments--Really are Universal--Really do matter--Really do have the power of Magic.

It's All In How You See It...This Too Shall Pass...One Step At A Time, One Day At A Time. 

Curse--Swear--Scream...Blame & vent & even hate for awhile...

The let yourself Breath...Look around you...& Say...It's Only One Day, Today Was Shit?, So What, That Only Means That Tomorrow It Can Get Better.

These are Universal Truths...And I think it's Beautiful.

And I'm glad I could be a part of those Moments with you.

(Mon. March 19, 208--I will update, the Places my Blog has been read in, once in awhile. I've haven't updated it in a long time, so I'm sure I've missed adding several Locations by now. So--Don't worry, or feel left out of the loop, if where you are, isn't mentioned here. I WILL add it soon. In fact, IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD WHERE YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW--LET ME KNOW! Leave a comment under this Post, & I'll add you ASAP. :D )

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