Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guardians Of The Sky--A Prayer For Peace/Memorial/Beyond The Veil/Spirit Guides/--OTRB/Warriors/Dragons/Hope&Survivors

Guardians Of The Sky
They appear as many
A host of winged Creatures
Blessed are they that fall under
This watchful eye.

Names Of Those Above
Change as often as the tides of man
Time caressing those memories
Of Guardians of the Past.

Guises Of Those Sacred
Shall to mankind change
Only so that he may understand
Those above him
Shall always be apart of his Soul.

The Form Of These Sacred Creatures
Are many & few
For man in his limitless imaginings
Must somehow embrace that
Which he understands
Universal acceptance coming so sadly seldom.

So In The Wisdom Of The Sacred Ones
They come to you in gilded form
Changing ever more in the Hearts of us
Who are fortunate to have a Minds Eye that sees
A Second Sight that lets the Sacred Light in.

You May Now Ask Me The Faces Of These Guardians Above
So that you may one day allow a moment of recognition
A pause in Time
That you can feel your Soul change
Expand into that Higher Place
And join that Sacred Plane
With the ones who Love you so.

Oh But This Is So Easily Done
So carefully & instantly Blessed upon you
For the Guardians you seek 
Are Already At Your Feet
At Your Door
In Your Mind 
And In Your Heart.

Light & Dark--Black Series

Stained glass
In windows I see
From afar.

It seems 
Is what I fear most.

For Time
Has a way of shaping you
Taking you with it
Like light reflected 
Through those windows.

Filtered & condensed
It slips into the shadows
Surrounds my purpose
For being here with you.

Sigh at my feet
Sounds of you 
Inside this place refract
Coming ever near.

Meet me here you say
Osborb this healing light
In this place 
Where time stands still.

In the glow of your Soul
Light & Dark 
Need not escape
Only grows 
Fonder of you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Veil Of Time--Black Series

Shadowed figures
Rest upon their perches 
In the sky.

Of stone
Some say
But you & I both know
That isn't so.

You say
They don't come to life
They are life
Only ones you don't know.

Grey & cold
To those who don't care
To see.

Takes shape
This ever changing landscape
A sea of Creatures
Above us
In these darkened skies.

Grey & cold
No more
For they spread their wings
Of gold
In the moonlight.

They were once called
Creatures to care
For ones left here.

They must be
For they see me as I see them
Through the jaged viel of Time.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Paved With You--Black Series

Cobble stone 
Under my feet
Sounds echo 
Off this hard surface 
Beneath me.

Colors change
As I watch the rain 
Roll off 
Of solid stone.

Is what I see
Reflecting what light
Still lingers here.

Fall beneath 
As I walk faster
Then slow 
As I feel you come near.

In my ears
They become 
Only a distant thunder
My head fills with thoughts
Of you.

Your voice
Through this distant plain
Sifts & filters
Through others
I sometimes hear.

All else quiet
Only you
My vision clear
My path slated out.

My destiny
Paved with
Only you.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Filters Of You--Black Series

Soft & dark
In my Heart
In my Mind.

As this night sky
Above me,

As the crimson moon
That sits ever falling
From this darkened sky.

As the dawn soon to come
Brightens until I close my eyes
To a shadowed sun 
In a sky I don't recognize 
As my own.

These colors
Keep replaying 
In my head
Filters out shades
That don't remind me
Of you.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Return To You--Black Series

I hear your boots in the rain
As they move toward me 
In silence you walk.

For the sounds I hear
It seems
Are your heartbeats.

Closer they come to me still
Winds howling around you
Echos of your silence.

Time slows you down
Only enough it seems
That I can watch you watch me.

A tilt of your head
The sway of your eyes 
Covering me inside your thrall.

Oh but we both know
That it takes much more than this
To hold sway my lingering affections.

A chance meeting
Here in my dreams
A Path that always leads to you.

These follow me everywhere I am
Your scent, you voice
You Soul.

These are all there is for me
Not a spell
But my reality.

These moments
Are who I am
Why I will always return to you.

White Canvas--Black Series

Black roses
Against a white backdrop
Oh how they shine
In this simple place
That's always on my mind.

Red roses
Grow here still
A testimony 
To this subtle darkness
Where quite things grow.

White roses
Turning shades of black & gold
Red lingers there
Crimson like your lips
As they whisper my name.

Touches of color
In a white canvas world
These roses in my head
Always here
To remind me of you.

"Traffic Source"--Where You Will & Won't Find Me On My Blog

So--I check my Blog "Stats" to see where my Blog's been read, through what portals, which posts are read that day, etc...

I've seen twice now--"Traffic Source" that show referring portals or keywords, or web addresses--Have been for either bogus addresses--Or an online porn site--As the way Folks have gotten to my Blog...

Let me clarify---

I won't use these--I take my work here very seriously--& Will not waste my time--Or reputation using bogus or dirty sites or addresses to get to my Personal Blog--Or anything else I do here.

This is a place to do good--& If you see me advertised anywhere like these bogus or dirty addresses- You can be sure it's not me doing that.

Anyone attempting to smear me & what I do here--Is wasting their time...

Good is done here--By Folks who Inspire & Conqure every day. And a few bumps in the road won't stop that Path to a Better Place.