Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#Blog4Peace--What I Learned On My Blog

  • #Blog4Peace  

  • What an amazing Journey...
I shared a Post on my Blog last night, at about 10pmMT, here in AZ USA--Sending it to my personal FB & Twitter Pages, like I do--After seeing a Post on my FB Page.

And I changed my Profile Pics to Dona Nobis Pacem -& My Header Pics to John Lennon, with a quote from "Imagine" --For an International, Global Wide Oppurtunity to share the thought that Peace Is Possible.

I came back to my Blog today--& Discovered that my little Moment of Meditation--Was shared with amazing Folks in 48 Page Views--Google + ed--Recived 11 Comments--Read in 4 Countries--& Found by visiting 3 Blogs, FB, & Google.

These are Folks I've never 'met' before today--& They Reached Out & Shared What They Had...



They shared a concept, as a Child Of The 70's--& Of a Marine & a Hippie--That struggles, in my own Mind & Heart, to find Balance--Contentment--& Spiritual Peace.

This showed me that Commitment To Change--Locally & Globally--Really is still Possible.

And I was Honored to be a part of it.

Plz Visit these Folks--& Be a part of What They Do--

peaceglobegallery.blogspot.com & .co.uk

mimiwrites.blogspot.com & .co.uk & .com.au 


I will leave you with thoughts I've held onto for my Blessed 41 years--

Improvise--Adapt--& Overcome--USMC--0311

Semper Fi--USMC

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World--Mahatma Gandi

You May Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One, I Hope Someday You Will Join Us, And All The World Will Be As One--John

May You Make This Life A Good One.


  1. You've caught the spirit of peace globes.
    Semper Fi ... indeed.

  2. You are #7669 in the Official Gallery @ blog4peace.com
    Your poem on gratitude is excellent!

  3. Thank you Mimi :) I think we as Humans have the never ending Struggle for Balance & Inner Peace. That's pretty much what I write about on my Blog. So good to Others join in this Fight--To Battle our own Demons--& Unite to create Unity for Something Better :)