Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Understanding Why--Who I See When I Write On My Blog

There's been an amazing response to my work here--& I do hesitate to use what feels like a professionals term like "My Work".

It feels like things other ppl do--Or what a person might put together if they thought it thru.

Frankly--I don't see myself this way.

I sort of drift thru life,with my little head lifted to the sky,looking at the breeze & colors as they drift by. And in my head I'm thinking about how it feels to me.I always have.

I've been able to share it a little here and there along the way.Always hopeing that someone will get something good from it,from what I say or maybe just how I saw it--Or maybe just feel some relief that they're not alone.

I know there's some ppl who won't get what I do--Or care. Or don't like me in some personal way.

My honest answer to them? To hurtful Negitive Energy sent my way by a Universe that can chew u up one day--& caress you the next??

Screw it.

You know why?

Because life is terrifyingly simple.

It's too short to care & too long to forget.

I'm causious by nature. I'm the Mama Bear to all who need me--But I would sacrifice all I know for 1 or 2 ppl in my life--With out apology or regret.

I never saw living past 30--Here I am 41.

The amazing beauty I've been allowed to possess in this lifetime--I could have never earned & didn't accept for a long time.

I know now I didn't have to-- I just keep paying it forward every day.

I've seen incredible grace--Under the shittiest raw deals--Handed to the most incredible ppl I will know--
And I stand witness to souls that I still feel I will never come close to being as good as.

But I've had the honor to guard them--& hopefully guide them some too.

In my poems--You see me.

The ppl I see. The way I see them.

The warriors--That's who these ppl are--In every sense.And some do actually wear uniforms--Or did.

The Dragons--Are me.Black wings.Wing spikes. Standing guard from a far.

That's where I'll probably always be.

But I do come closer, more & more as time goes on. I am more comfortable with my wings & spikes & claws--& don't feel like they have to be a hinderance anymore.

It seems that even the wildest Dragons can be tamed.

And I find writing these things--Shareing our lives & stories of Hope & Survivors--with my hatchling & ancient one, & being able to share it all with you--Has helped me fly in a way I never imagined.

Knowing I might help someone else learn how to fly too.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Olive Drab Angel--T & That Guy From FYE(You Know Why)--BASED ON A TRUE REAL LIFE STORY-- #POW / #MIA / #KIA / #WelcomeHome / #NeverForgotten -- #Memorial Day -- #Warriors --What My Life Often Looks like When I'm Not On My Blog

That Sound.
In Flight.
That Deep
Gut Wrenching
Soul Rescuing
I Know It
Like No Other.

Echos Of It
Deep Inside
That Place
In My Mind.
It Mixes With
The Smells
Of That Place.
The Way It Felt.
The Other Sounds
I Knew It Would
Eventually Mix With It Too.

But If You Asked Me
What I Remember
The Most.
What Really Stuck With Me.
What I Really Saw
What I Really Heard
When I Looked Up
Into The Endless
Sky Above Me.
If I Could Look At You
& Be Truthful With You.

I Would Show You
A Picture I Carry
In My Mind.

Of An Angel
Clothed In Olive Drab.
Covered In Armor
Of Steel.
Wielding A Weapon.

Carrying With Gentle Grace
Those Who Could Fight No More.
Those Who Would Fight
To Avenge A Warriors Sacrifice.

An Angel
I Still See Now In My Sleep.
I Still Hear In My Dreams.
Never To Be Feared.
Always To Be Loved.

So Please
I Ask You.
To The Ones Who Guided
My Angels Path To Me.
To The Ones Who Still
Dream Of Me.

I Ask You
To Remember Me
In My Angels Embrace.
To Know What I Saw.
What I Know Was
& Will Always Be.

Our Angels Come To Us
In Many Forms.
Mine Took Shape Of
A Chopper.

Whispering In The Distance
I'm Bringing You Home.

Based on the stories I grew up hearing--& The one told to me, in broken words, covered in shame, while I was working in a tiny store, in small town,
when I was 27, about 15 yrs ago.

The Stories I heard, growing up,were glittered with awe. They were proud, respectful, reverent almost--That's how I knew them--That's who I saw.

When I met this man yrs later, with his own son next to him--I saw pain, sadness, regret....fear....that he'd done the wrong thing, that they would never forgive him.

I don't know why it works out that way for me--That I meet these ppl, that I become this....conduit....for these Moments.

But I was there--& It was meant to be, I suppose.

I looked at him, & we talked, in my line--Me behind a tiny cashier stand, music blaring, & all I could hear--Was his shame, & the Choppers he must still hear at night, in his dreams.

We talked some more--& It took me a time to realize, to compute that look--That he was one of the Ones--That had been a pilot--Or even a door gunner, I suppose--Because I already knew what one of those looked like.

I knew then--It--The Stories I knew....That he didn't know them....That no one told him....That he just didn't know....That he couldn't imagine not being that monster he only knew.

I don't remember the exact words anymore--Even tho I remembered them all for a long time.....But I remember the fogginess in his eyes--The reluctant eye contact--The refusal to see himself any other way.....

& I knew this was a Fate Moment--That changes you--Because you're about to change them....

& Told him the Stories I know.....

What the Guys saw....What they called him....What they always knew.....

That he was their Guide--Their Guardian....Their Savior.....

That they never remembered being left there.....

They only remembered their Angel approaching....Tearing through the sky.....
That it was almost over, at least for a little while.

Those are Moments that time stops--Just long enough--To witness a another human being change, and become something new.

I got to watch as another Creature I share this shit planet with--Be given a second chance....& Take with them a lighter load....Leaving room for a future, & not just a past.

I'm grateful for that....

& All our Angels

If you're still out there.....Thank you.....

& Welcome
SEPT. 2014






Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shimmy & Howl--Based On "Twist & Shout"--#Anipals

Well, shake it up, Fur Baby, now
Shimmy & howl
C'mon, c'mon, c'ome, Fur Baby, now
Come on & work that GlowCollar on out.

Well, work it on out, honey
You know you shimmy so good
You know you got me shimmying, now
Like I knew you would.

Well, shake it up, Fur Baby, now
Shimmy & howl
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Fur Baby, now
Come on & work that GlowCollar on out.

You know you shimmy little Pal
You know you shimmy so fine
Come on & shimmy the whole Pawty with me, now
And let me know that you're mine.

Well, shake it up, Fur Baby, now
Shimmy & shout
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon,Fur Baby, now
Come on & work that GlowCollar on out.

You know you shimmy little Pal
You know you shimmy so fine
Come on & shimmy the whole Pawty with me, now
And let me know that you're mine.

Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, Fur Baby, now
Well, shake it, shake it,  shake it, Fur Baby, now
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, Fur Baby, now.

Fake Rawhide Chew Toys--Based On "Rawhide"--#Anipals

Rollin Rollin Rollin
Fake Rawhide Chew Toys!

Rollin Rollin Rollin
Though I'd rather be strollin
Keep that mailman rollin
Fake Rawhide Chew Toys.

Rain & winds & weather
This leash that feels like a tether
Wishing my squeaky was by my side.

All the things I'm missin
Good treats,head rubs, & Kittens
Are waiting at the end of his ride.

Move em on
(Head em up!)
Fake Rawhide Chew Toys!

Keep movin,movin,movin
Though that mailman's disapprovin
Keep that mailman movin
Fake Rawhide Chew Toys!

Don't try to understand em
Just growl, chase, & mark your territory around em
Soon we'll be livin high & yard wide.

My hearts calculatin
My squeaky will be waitin
Be waiting at the end of his ride.

Move em on
(Head em up!)

Cut em out
(Ride em in!)

Bark!(Leash crack)

Move em on
(Head em up!)

Cut em out
(Ride em in!)

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Bark!(Leash crack)

Fake Rawhide Chew Toys!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

When You Walk Away--T(You Know Why)--#POWMIA/#KIA/#WelcomeHome/#NeverForgotten--Hope&Survivors Series

A Shadow I carry in my Heart.
A Former Self, You & I.
What we 'Used To Be'.
Before You.
When I was Just Me.
But that can't be undone.
What we are now 
Is what we may Always Be.
Something New, I suppose.
Not Less,though.
Not anymore.
That's what we say.
What I know is meant for You & I.
A New Life, a Reason.
A New Direction.
Who Walks Point,who Rests,
& lets The Other take the Lead.
That may change.
But I already know,
that You & I can face anything.
And I know now,
That I 'm no longer afraid.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Great Hair Balls Of Fur --Based On Great Balls Of Fire--#Anipals

You shake your bell and you rattle my brain
Too much nip now zooms like a train.
You broke my blinds, oh what a bind
Goodness gracious great hair balls of fur.

I used to love all my perfect decor 
You look at me like oh what a bore.
I change your litter, I need a Cat sitter
Goodness gracious great hair balls of fur.

You groomed me Kitty,it feels comb-y
When I hold you Kitty, this house feels so home-y
Your hair's so fine, I can't tell which is mine
Mine, mine,mine.

You use your nails, I bandage my thumb
You make make me nervous but playing sure is fun
Come on your litter's stinky, great now you've scratched my pinky
Goodness gracious great hair balls of fur.

Well you groomed me Kitty, it feels comb-y
When I hold you Kitty, this house feels so home- y
You hair's so fine, I can't tell which is mine
Mine, mine, mine.

You use your nails,I bandage my thumb
You make me nervous but playing sure is fun
Come on your litter's stinky, great now you've scratched my pinky
Goodness gracious great hair balls of fur.

Black Magic Kitty--Based On Black Magic Woman--#Anipals--#Panfurs

Got a black magic Kitty
Got a black magic Kitty.

I got a black magic Kitty
Got me so blind I can't see
That he's a black magic Kitty
He's trin to make a Panfur fan out of me.

Raise your back fur at me baby
Raise your back fur at me baby.

Yes,don't raise your back fur at me baby
Stop messin around with your tricks
Don't raise your back fur at me baby
You just might pick up my pipe cleaner sticks.

Got your nip potion spell on me baby
Got your nip potion spell on me baby.

Yes,you got your nip potion spell on me baby
Turnin my house into a Kitty condo
I need a lint roller so bad-magic Kitty
But I can't let you go.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Love Is Simple--Equal Love--Equal Marrage--Hope&Survivors Series

Love Is Simple.
It's People 
That Make It So
Life Is Hard.
It's People 
Who Don't Want To
Time Is Short.
It's People 
Who Don't Make The Effort To
It's Simple.
Be Happy.
Be Kind.
Be There.
Be Grateful.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What They Prayed For--R & G-- Special Needs/Hope&Survivors/#OTRB/#Anipals

You Never Know 
Why You're Sent
To Do 
What You Do.
Do It 
With Love.
With Graditude.
That You 
Might Be
The Angel
SomeOne's Been 
Praying For
All Along.

SomeBody's Angels--Special Needs/Hope&Survivors Series--R&G--#Anipals

When You See 
That Mom
When You See
That Kid
Dont Stare.
Don't Judge.
When You Wonder
Why Doesn't 
That Mom 
Do Something.
When You Wonder
Why Does
That Kid 
Act That Way.
You See
You Wonder
In Each Other's
SomeBody's Angels.

A Journey Through Hope&Survivors On My Blog

I think it's important to let you know--That there are certain themes that run through what I do.

One of those, & maybe the real foundation, is Hope & Survivors.

I learned this growing up--I learned it through my own trial & error--& I watched it being displayed in front of me, by the strongest person I'll ever know.

These experiences are my own--My perspective.But I also incorporate lessons & stories of others in many of these mini-stories I call Poems.

My hope has been to share something good--Through the bad--& remind ppl that Survival is possible.

Thanks for taking that Jouney with me.

Going With The Flow-The Changes On My Blog

I've discovered that over time,I seem to write about certain things--Sometimes subconsiously--Sometimes intentionally.

So,sinse I write what I know--It might help to label things in a way that tells you where my mind is,when I write something new.

You'll see changes now & then,where I label things.It's also to help me keep track of my own wondering thoughts.

The one thing I probably wont label as a series--Will be "R&G"--That's because this entire Blog is actually dedicated to R&G--The 2 ppl who I'm closest too--& the 2 ppl I sometimes have the hardest time telling them how I feel.

So this is for you.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Armor We Wear--#Dragons Series--Warriors Series--Hope&Survivors Series

We Wear Together.
This Fight can not 
Be done Alone.
My Shield 
Your Scales.
My Sword
Your Wing Spikes.
Sharpened in
Dulled by
We Stand Together
An Odd Pair
You & I.
Small & Frail
Towering & Fearsome.
They back away
As They see You.
They Study Me
As They look past You to Me.
They Know We are One
You & I.
The Same.
Eternity is in
Our Eyes.
Of Walking Alone
Side By Side.

Born To Be Feral--Based On "Born To Be Wild"--R&G--#Anipals

Get your purr-er runnin
Head out on the driveway.
Lookin for adventure
And whatever comes our way.
Yeah Darlin go make it happen
Take the neighborhood in a furry embrace.
Nibble all of your nip at once
And explode into space.

I like smoke and lighting
Fur static thunder.
Zooming with the wind
And the feelin that I'm under.
Yeah Darlin go make it happen
Take the neighborhood in a furry embrace.
Nibble all of your nip at once
And explode into space.

Like a true natures Fur Child
We were born,born to be feral.
We can climb so high
I wanna learn to fly.

Born to be feral.
Born to be feral.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Middle Age Dirtbag--Based On "Teen Age Dirtbag"--R&G

His name is Kel
I had a dream about him
I've seen him at Taco Bell.
I've gotta go to the gym in half an hour
Oh how he rocks
In Mandles and tube socks.
But he doesn't know who I am
And he doesn't give a crap about me.

Cause I'm just a middle age dirtbag baby.
Yeah,I'm just a middle age dirtbag baby.
Listen Hendrix maybe with me.

His girlfriends a scank
And she wears way too much perfume to work.
And she'd start rumors behind my back
If she knew the truth.
She lives in my burg
And drives a cool Firebird.
But she doesn't know who I am
And she doesn't give a crap about me.

Cause I'm just a middle age dirtbag baby.
Yeah,I'm just middle age dirtbag baby.
Listen to Hendrix maybe with me.

Oh,yeah,dirtbag,no he doesn't know what he's missing.
Oh,yeah,dirtbag,no he doesn't know what he's missing.

Geeze,I feel like stuck on shower mold
It's the office party and I'm lonely.
Low and behold
He's walking over to me.
This must be joke
I start to choke
Dude I'm stoked.
How does he know who I am?
And why does he give a crap about me.

I've got two tickets to a Hendrix cover band baby.
Come with me Friday,don't say maybe.
I'm just a middle age dirtbag like you.

Oh,yeah,dirtbag,no he doesn't know what he's missing.
Oh,yeah,dirtbag,no,he doesn't know what he's missing.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

In Between The Lines--Hope&Survivors/Writers&Musicians Series--#ScienceNerd

The Night.
Cold it Seems.
Empty .
Like Space
They say.
But what 
You don't
Is something
I've always 
Is not 
Is never
All Space
Is Filled.
Be it
In my 
Or anywhere
Else I might Be.
In Between.
These are
Where the Real
Things Live.
Where the
Real Stories

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sleep's Balm--Hope&Survivors Series

that soon
Washed away.
Cleansed by
Her own 
Soon clear.
As Time
The Wounds.
A balm.

Reappearance--Hope&Survivors Series

In Plain Sight
A person
Hope finds
Those that were
Lost to themselves.
Fate finds them & 
Love keeps them safe.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Decent--Wings Series--Guardians,Angels,&SoulMates

The Sky opened up
And revived Her.
They said.
The Earth softened 
Cushioned Her.
They said.
He opened His Arms
And Held Her.
He said.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How Do I Love My #Anipals-Let Me Count The Ways

Fun in every Form.
Pet Parents.
Each has something
That brightens my Day.
A kind Word
A Prayer.
A Pawty
To Shimmy to
To Raise Funds
Each new Friend
Each new Pal
Is a new Joy.
A new chance
To Learn
To Grow.
Thank You.

Stages Of You--Fate Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

On your Lips.
In your Words.
In your Touch.
On my Mind.
In my Thoughts.
In my Heart.
On my Skin.
In my Trebleing.
In my Acceptance.
Of You.

More--Wings/Roses/AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Black hair
Thin build
Long fingers.
Head tilts
Eyes follow me.
Breath close
Voice slow
Touch inevitable.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I Give--#Dragons Series--Warriors Series--#ToughPals--R&G

Sharp teeth
1000 Yard Stare.
These you see
You know they're me.
Quiet moments
A baby's soft cry
TV with You.
These you don't
Always see
But they are
Me too.
Which do I hide
I don't know.
Which scares me
Some days
The Bad
Some days 
The Good
Even more.
But there 
It is.
Gentle hands
And all.
It's All I Have
And I give it to You.

What You See--#Dragons Series--Warriors Series--#ToughPals--R&G

Sharp Wing Spikes
That frighten you.
Large black wings
That hold you.
Teeth discolored
That protect you.
A Soul
That Loves You.
What you see
Underneath is me.
Time takes You
Stay with me.
This Place
Not so far.
Your face
Is all I need.