Saturday, November 1, 2014

Guardians Series--These People In My Mind--A New Look At An Old Series--A Sneak Peek On My Blog

This is a Book Series I had started quite awhile back--& Started another different Book Series before that, nearly 10 yrs ago.

It was a reaction to being sick for months on end--& yrs off & on later on--Being in a car wreak that totalled it like an accordion--& Off & on from there, just to sort out my own head.

As you can see--I write, because it's what I do. I'm good at being a Mom--& Writing.

And you write what you know.

I write about Survival.

About Hope.

About Change--& About Seeing Another Day.

It seems someone out there understands these things, besides me--As of today, Sun Nov 2, 12:06am--I have 6,032 Pageviews on my Blog.

Remember folks--It's not what what you look like along the Journey--It's about having fun until you get there.

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