Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Whisper--Black Series

The Night Air
That always surrounds us
Even when it's day
Smells of you.

I close my eyes
& feel another tear
Trickle down
Soft against my cheek.

You ask me why I cry
But I only hear this 
In my mind
But your voice echos in my ears.

You know why
Your touch says
Brushes against my skin
On fire.

I look up
& see in you 
The Light 
That shadows my Soul.

I close my eyes again
So I can hide from you
But you won't let me go.

I see you there
In my Mind's Eye
When I think I've lost you
You find me.

Opening my eyes
I feel you here
Inside me 
In the Places even I don't like to go.

Your face next to me
Breath in my hair
Fingers digging 
Into my skin.

And you whisper
Once again
I'll never let you go.

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