Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home--Black Series

The Things I don't Notice
Are things I guess I should
But I see you 
All at once.

The little things
That are who 
You are
I notice only over Time.

The way you wear your hair
Smells of you
Of the forests I've only once seen.

The crystals against the delicate flesh
On your ears
Shine in the moon's light.

The silver chain
Around your neck
A testament 
To Ancients Ones of Times Gone By.

The way you move
As if Time slows down just for me
Knowing how good it feels
To watch you.

The way you sway
When you lean in close to me
& Lean in some more.

How my Heart speeds up
How you catch your breath
Taking another step closer
As I watch you breath me in.

Your eyes
As they change color
From grey, to silver,
To grey again, then always black.

The way your wings touch me
Pull me in
& Let me know I've made it home.

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