Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Voices In My Head--Poets--Writters--Musicians--Warriors--Recovery--Hope & Survivors--And Sometimes Dragons Too

These voices in my head
Are silent once more
But should they
Must they 

It's not normal
They say
Because one of you
Should only 
Take resistance

But they don't know
Do they
That we already 
Live here
Always grew here
Side by side
Watched each other

This place
My ears
Only inside
My Minds 

That I've grown too used to you
That without you
It feel strange
To be 

Here we go
On another journey
You & I
A place we've never been
For reasons
We both know
Always the same
You & me
The voices in my head.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

That Final Battle--Thomas Murphy(You Know Why)Phoenix AZ--Warriors--Hope & Survivors--Mental Illness Aweness Month

I wrote this several days before the news, that Another Old Vet Lost His Life, in his Battle With PTSD/Depression/Mental Health Neglect--Right here at the VA in our Home of Phoenix Arizona, USA---I Post it here tonight for you......

Coming Home

22...In his Dreams, This has become a Vision that visits him too often. This Symble Of Death.

Oh, In his clearer Mind, He can still recall a time, When this repeating number, used to be a simple reminder of Home. A place on the clock, In his Buddies Minds, Placed on a calender in their Minds Eye, That still counted down their days until they knew they would make it Back Home.

But these numbers, now, He's come to see them as a Promise, As a Curse. A Weapon somehow turned against them. Taking that once innocent simplicity, & twisting it. Until they can only remind him of his Dread...Of another Call...Of another Visit...Another Letter...Saying another of his Brothers & Sisters, Won't be Coming Home.

So, He Waits. And, He Wakes some nights, & he finally sees a Vision that will slowly change his Dreams, Into Hope.  

That everyday...22 more of his Friends, Will finally Make It Home. 

22(U.S. Veteran Suicides A Day)IsTooMany 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Reflect--Black Series

A Rose 
You leave 
Only for me.
A petal
Across my doorstep.
These are pieces of you.

This Light 
They see you in.
A false shadow
That lays on my skin.
These are reminders of you.

This Darkness 
I see myself in.
A negative
With a distant
Ever present
Flash in my mind.
These are records of you.

A Sunbeam
I refuse to let in.
A remedy 
I soon reflect.
The only antidote, you.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

To Those Who Visit My Blog In The Ukraine & Russia--Universal Thoughts Shared On My Blog

To the people in Ukraine & Russia who read my Blog--

I've been intrigued by your presence on my Blog each week. I see where you look me up--& navigate your way to me. And I wonder about who must be so far away--But who seems to understand why I write what I do. 

I can only assume that we have some ideas in common--That respect for love & compassion is something we both hold dear to us.

I remember when I was very young--Watching TV, reading books & magazines over the years--& being fascinated by by Eastern European culture & religion. Watching political lines changing farther & farther East. Seeing a language that looked so different than mine. Reading about shared history. 

I am pleased--That with a few simple words from my own heart--I was able to reach so many Counties--Regions--Cultures--Lifestyles--Religions--& Prove to myself, that life really can be this simple...

That love--courage--peace--companionship--Really CAN be universal.