Friday, October 24, 2014

What You Don't See--Black Series

The Scenery Brings Me Here
Songs of birds that sing at night
The flowers the bloom only in the Dark
That circle around my ankles
& Brush against my waist.

I hear this place in my Dreams
Calling me like a constant distant song
It's music in my ears
Coming from your Soul.

Light never shines here
Oh, that's what some may think
A constant gloom
But they've never seen the Dark as I have.

The Sun shines bright here
Or is it the Moon
Sets gently upon it's honored place
In this Magical Dark sky.

A Place where only the Seek-ers go
The Opening, it's called
Oh, but some know it as 
The Other Side Of The Veil.

This is not really so
You might think
Because if it's really there 
Why haven't you seen it before.

Why, because my Sightless friend
To Know beyond what lies before you
You must trust 
What you dont see.

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