Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yours--#AZ Rains/Wings Series--Angels, Guardians, & Soul Mates

The earth shatters around me
Each time you speak my name.

The silence I hear 
As you look at me
Is all that I can see
Each time I think about
You reaching out to touch me.

I see it all so clearly
Your hands on me
Your face close to mine
Your breath in my ear.

Your pulse racing
I feel your heartbeat against my chest
See your jaw tighten
Your breath catch in your throat.

Your silence kills me
Always silence
Your eyes that never leave me
Your head turns slightly
Tilts up to look to look down at me 
through shadowed eyes.

That look
That one
That catches me off guard
Always surprises me
How I stop breathing for that
One second in time
As you've again captured me
you know I won't look away.

Hold me here
Is what I always seem to say to you
Hold me in this separate place
Atatched to another existence
Where only you & I can be
Let the rest of them drift away.

The rain starts
As it always seems to
When I'm with you
Like a enchanted god
Bringing my survival into view.

Kiss me
It's all I want from you
In this moment
In this place you've made real
Kiss me
Taste what only belongs to you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Reverence--AZ Rains/Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates/Hope&Survivors Series

All's quiet.
I hear only your name.
On my lips
In my mind.
Rain all around me
& somehow I hear nothing but you.

Your taste on my mouth
A recent memory.
Or maybe that's only me
Remembering how I thought you felt.
How you might feel 
On my tongue.

Is all I see 
When I look at you.
A thought
A fleeting moment.
When I imagined you
Around me.
Your arms around my body.
Your hands on my hips
Sliding onto my waist.

Your face.
It's all I see.
Even as I close my eyes
I can only seem to conjure your face.
Those eyes that see everything 
And I hate you for what you know.
A sigh out of that beautiful mouth
Settles on my skin
As you look at me.

Contentment & confusion .
At me.
With me.
It feels the same
& you know.
You know everything
& still you return.
Again & again.
And again.

You hold me here in your sights
& pin me to this wall of transparency
& of clarity
That scared me once.
But no more.
I let you hold me there.
Arms over me 
Looking down at me.
Eyes that don't pierce me
Like they once could.

Because I've seen myself.
Seen what I am.
Know what is there
And I don't terrify me anymore.
Not even you can scare me any more.

I let you come to me.
In this darkened place.
Rain pours at my feet
Soaks in my clothes.
I leave my shoes behind
A sacrifice to the nature 
Of the beast that once was.

I walk free now.
Unincombered by practicality 
By so called truth.
I stand here
A wet goddess.
Here before you
& demand your offering.
Your truth.
Your faith.
Your eternity.

These Ppl In My Mind--Mystical&Sacred/Wings/AZ Rains Series--Invisible Inspiration On My Blog

You'll see many of the same ppl here.
Many the same way, over & over again.
Many you'll see reencarnated as something new 
But familiar.

Many of these ppl, are in fact, real living flesh & blood ppl.

They are who I've become over time--& I want you to know them...because 
They are me & I am them 
In many ways-- or at least in the way I see them here.

Then there are the ones I see 
Only with my minds eye.
The ones a logical eye would call my daydreams.
And a clinical eye may call a way to see my world 
Through fantasy colored glasses.

I share these ppl with you...because they are also a part of me.
They are how I wish to see things.How I believe things could be.

And how, in some ways, I feel things really are.

I think this world is full of symbles--Signs--Magic.

And yes--Maybe this is simply hope--But hope is key my friends.

Hope is what creates doubt--Doubt that what we see is all there really is--That maybe there really is more.

And more is good.More is beautiful.

More is what creates a picture of faith--Of a future--Of a new beginning.

Of a place we haven't seen yet--But we know exists.

That's where I wish to take you.

Somewhere magical.

Hop on & enjoy the ride.

Teaching Me--#EarthDay Poetry Contest Entry--Glendale Public Library

Teaching Me
Nature In My Neighborhood -- Adult Entries 

I see you each morning
& you welcome me.
I hear you each night 
& you let me know I'm not alone.
You grow
& let me be a part of you teaching me.
Showing me the sun sets
& always rises.
Reminding me things pass away
& are reborn again.
You share your sorrows 
& let me celebrate your victories.
I always feel honored
& I thank you.

Forever--#EarthDay Poetry Contest Entry--Glendale Public Library

Vanishing Animals -- Adult Entries 

Our lives
You & I.
Intersect & inner twine
Like the webs I see in front of me.
Without you
I wouldn't be me.
I wouldn't be who I am.
If I didn't know you 
& even those who came before me.
For this life
This place
Is me 
Is you.
We are one
You & I.

Freedom--Published--#EarthDay Poetry Contest--Glendale Public Library

Protecting Our Earth -- Adult Selections

We have the ability to do what we will.
To be whatever we feel.
But with it, we choose to hurt those
Who depend on us most.
Those who speak not words
But silent pleas.
To save what belongs to all of us.
What we as Guardians of this place
Must do.
Spreading kindness
Then we must.
Freedom to live & love.
And be.