Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whole--Black Series

Pale blond hair
In the paler moon light.
I see this vision in front of me
And I sigh 
This breath of life.

Black floor length jacket
Swirls all around you
A flutter of movement in the corner if my eye
I see you come for me.

Sharp teeth glow
Blinding flash of color in the street lamp
A signal to those who approach you
Natures mark of the preditor.

A breeze 
Floats against my face
My skin tingles
Pain & pin pricks of memory 
Familiar as my own breath.

Strains of a distant sound in my ears
Your voice in my head
All I see & hear is you
The clarity I have with you
Cleansing my Soul.

The easy I feel when you finally come near
My heat beats faster
My breath deep in my chest
My vision constricts
My body can only feel you.

The fear
The pain
No more
A distant memory, you see
For when I am with you
I am whole.

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