Monday, December 15, 2014

Return To You--Black Series

I hear your boots in the rain
As they move toward me 
In silence you walk.

For the sounds I hear
It seems
Are your heartbeats.

Closer they come to me still
Winds howling around you
Echos of your silence.

Time slows you down
Only enough it seems
That I can watch you watch me.

A tilt of your head
The sway of your eyes 
Covering me inside your thrall.

Oh but we both know
That it takes much more than this
To hold sway my lingering affections.

A chance meeting
Here in my dreams
A Path that always leads to you.

These follow me everywhere I am
Your scent, you voice
You Soul.

These are all there is for me
Not a spell
But my reality.

These moments
Are who I am
Why I will always return to you.

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