Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Circle I Can Trust--What does 'I Support' Mean Series--How I Decide What To Put On My Blog

I tell you--Nothing weeds out the ppl in your life, like announcing something has changed your life.

It's not a 'cool' change? It's 'taboo'? It's still looked down on? It most likely leaves your abandoned ass blowing in the breeze, while everyone-Or so it seems-Can't jump ship fast enough?

That's when whoever's left--Are your real LifeRafts after all.

I talk a lot about ppl on the Outside Of The Mainstream--& I also tell you, I write about what I know--& I'll probably always be there, because this, I realize more as Time passes-Is where I was destined to be.

Life is not simple--& It's not pretty.

It's a freaking struggle--& It smells like shit a lot of the time.

But it's us--The Gardeners Of Life--That live in the shit, with our heads held high--& Manage to drag not only ourselves--But at least one other person out of it, with us.

You want to see a Winner?? Look at someone who gets out of bed everyday--Even though they have no idea if this is going to be one of the good days--Or the bad ones.

You want to see a Survivor?? Look at the one who faces the Demons that haught them--& Manages to not only look those waking nightmares in the eye--They teach those bitches how to sit up & roll over.

You want to see the Coolest ppl you'll ever know??

Look at the ones who know they're lucky--Just to be alive.

You want to see the Toughest, Hardest, & most Compassionate ppl you'll ever know??

Look at the ones you've turned you're back on--Because the ones they Love, aren't good enough for you to know anymore.

This is Who I Am--The one who hopes they're able to drag the ones they Love out of that hole.

These are the People I Love--They ones I'd sacrifice anything & anyone else to protect.

I learned from the best--& I'm teaching it the best way I know how.

You Gotta Have My Back--Because I Gotta Walk Point.

My Circle may be small--But at least it's one I can Trust.

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