Friday, October 24, 2014

You Hear Me Sigh--Black Series

The Light 
Blinding me from the inside
Flashes in 
My Mind.

That moment of realization
That what you were 
Was real to me
And yet something more.

That the touch of your hand
Was a like a life line
A tether 
Tieing me from here, to you.

Your eyes
I keep seeing
Those Dark beautiful windows
Tinted in ever changing shades of grey.

Silver as you first see me
The flashes of yellow as they change
Burning into something new
Slowly calming to dark grey once more.

Black as you come near me
Walking with your head down
Looking up
Staring into me like you do.

Blacker still as your pale white wings
Turn the Darkest color of your eyes
Colors cascading translucent 
For one second in Time.

Then that final Touch
When you reach for me
When all things stop
The World stops & looks at you.

Waits for it's Conqurer
It's Healer 
To allow it 
It's next breath.

And that's when you finally reach for me
You hear me sigh
My World Awakes 
& Takes each new breath with you.

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