Saturday, September 27, 2014

Does It Matter/Will It Make You Not Like Me--What Does 'I Support' Mean Series--How I Decide What To Put On My Blog

I Support.

These are Powerful Words. They can Lift Up--& They can Destroy.

They can bring Revolution--& They can bring Resolution.

What do I Support?

Freedom. Basic Human Rights. Compassion for the Weak--This makes me a Liberal.

Accountability. Earning Privalages. Swift Punishment for the Abuser--This makes me a Conservative.

I grew up in circumstances that may seem different than many--But are the same as many around me--& Yet I came to very different conclusions than so many of the ppl I grew up with.

I've seen one Generation before me live through being a POW--& 2 Generations before me live through the Holucaust--Neither because of their Religious or Political Beliefs--But because they believed in Freedom.

I've seen the Next Generation live through a Hell I could never imagine--For no damn good reason...But not only live through it--They manage to give me the Hope that this Place is filled with more than shit--It's also filled with Miracles too.

I've battled my own Consious-- My own Genetics--& My own Personal Demons....

And came to the convolution that Life Is Too Short To Be Afraid.

You look in my eyes these last few yrs--& you'll see a different person than before. That cold-dead-eyed-stare...Maybe my own personal version of that 1000 Yd Stare I already know so well... Is what you will probably see now--Mixed with Genuine Hope. Because I know now--How hard it is to come by.

What do I Stand For? What Do I Believe?

Hope. Doing Good Things With What You're Given. Success Is What You Say It Is. Never Giving Up...Saying Screw You, If You Don't Like The Way My Life Looks To You...& Really Mean It.

What Do I Support?

I don't know if it really matters.

As long as we are Going The Same Way--Does it really matter How We Get There?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thinking Of You--AZ Rains Series--These People In My Mind--A Paranormal/Historical/Sci-Fi/Romance/Hope&Survivors Series

Time doesnt exist here.
It's only a passing phase
A shimmer of something
That feels real
Only when you're away.
When I'm away from here.

It slows down time.
Cuts me off from you
Brings you closer every time.
How do you 
Do that to me.
Slow my mind
Altered states of consciousness
Where only you seem to roam.

Sights & sounds
Your touch.
They combine 
& create an a higher state of being
Above this place.

They say 
As you meditate
A euphoria comes over you.
Streams of counciousness
Open up 
& take you away.
And I sit here 
On this bench again
Knowing it's true.
Because all I have to do
Is reach my mind out to yours
& you take me 
Where you already are.

Where it never shines
Where it always rains.

Where you find my mind
Clinging to yours.

Where you touch me
& I sigh just thinking of you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wolf At My Door--AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates

Feathers outside my window
A Wolf at my door.
This is how I think of you.
Rain pours outside
And somehow all I can think about is you.

I run down stairs
When everyone's asleep.
Hopeing to once again 
Not make it in time to see you.
What scares me more
When you won't leave me
Or when you disappear.

Thunder over head
Electricity in my feet.
I stand in these puddles
And think of you.
Of how your charge 
Makes my body feel.

Signs of you
All around me.
Your breath in my ear
Your voice in my head.
Like a sweet 
Painful song
Against my skin.

You're here now
I seem to say.
I wait 
To hear myself say it.
To see your face
Tell me it's real.

Creasote on my skin
In my lungs.
Your breath joins with mine.
On the storms 
Is how you seem to come.
In the force
Is where I crave  you.

Stand with me you say
You won't let me go
Won't let me be free.
But we both know
Both know the truth.

Neither of us wants to be set free.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Visits From You--AZ Rains Series--Angels, Guardians, & Soul Mates

He visits me in the rain.
His hands close to mine.
His breath close
His mouth comes closer.

The sun rarely shines
When he's around.
Or so it seems.
Maybe I just like to
Think of him this way.
Water pouring around my feet
Pounding into the ground.
It's deafening
And I can still only hear you.

A cool breeze past my face
The only reprieve of the day
Air not electrified by closterphobic energy
Heat so tight
Wrapped around your chest
You're desperate just breath.

But this heat
This electric energy is different.
This electic current
You send through my brain
I cant stop thinking of you.

Surround me like you do.
Reach out to me.
Beyond this Place
Beyond your Time.
Join me here
Or take me with you.
I don't want us to end.

The storms will bring you again
I know.
And you know I'll be waiting here for you.
Like I always do.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Universal Truths--What I Learned--Where My Blog Has Been--Blogs/Recovery/Hope&Survivors--What I've Discovered As I've Traveled Around The World On My Blog

I wanted to say a big Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this Blog Jourey with me.

My Blog has reached out to ppl across the world--Literally....

I check my Stats once in awhile--Curious to see who's out there--& An attempt to learn & understand how the other end of Shareing Your Art works--The communicating it to ppl beyond the page--Setting it free & letting it reach across lands & oceans, to ppl I won't meet in person, but who now know me in Spirit.

And I've discovered, that my words have been to the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Ireland, Several Countries in Western & Eastern Europe, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, India, South Africa, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, & Singapore.

I couldn't be more Amazed--Proud--Or Excited...

This is my Life--My Family--My Stuggles, Pain, Joys, Grief, Appreciation...Trimphs & Hopes.

You've been invited into a World--'My World...Sureal...& Amazing' as one new Friend put it....& I feel better for it.

Knowing I could write these things--Be honest with myself--Speak these sometimes Darker Places out loud...& Then allow myself the opportunity to see the Light...& See the Light through fresh eyes...Yours.

And I've discovered an amazing Truth--This, all these things, these Moments--Really are Universal--Really do matter--Really do have the power of Magic.

It's All In How You See It...This Too Shall Pass...One Step At A Time, One Day At A Time. 

Curse--Swear--Scream...Blame & vent & even hate for awhile...

The let yourself Breath...Look around you...& Say...It's Only One Day, Today Was Shit?, So What, That Only Means That Tomorrow It Can Get Better.

These are Universal Truths...And I think it's Beautiful.

And I'm glad I could be a part of those Moments with you.

(Mon. March 19, 208--I will update, the Places my Blog has been read in, once in awhile. I've haven't updated it in a long time, so I'm sure I've missed adding several Locations by now. So--Don't worry, or feel left out of the loop, if where you are, isn't mentioned here. I WILL add it soon. In fact, IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ADD WHERE YOU ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW--LET ME KNOW! Leave a comment under this Post, & I'll add you ASAP. :D )

Only You--Mystical&Sacred/Musicians&Writers Series

The way you move me
The way you touch me

The way you move inside me
The way you touch a piece of my Soul

The way you move the Universe around me
The way you touch the core of it

The way only you can do.

Friday, September 5, 2014

I Guess--R(You Know Why)--Recovery/Hope&Survivors Series

I guess I can make it seem easy
Like have some answers
But I really don't.

I guess I do
The ones I've always known
But man, the ones I don't
Just seem to be close
Then run father the closer I get.

I guess I could tell you why
Why I know what I do
Think it matter
But maybe it won't.

I guess you may care
See this pain
Want to carry a share
But I probably wouldn't let you
I just don't know how
But sometimes
I so wish I could.

I guess it's not easy
Being you either
But when I look at you
I think man, how do they not know
Not know how incredible they are
Who ever told them otherwise
It was bull shit
It was a lie.

I guess that lie holds you
The one in your head
Maybe you told yourself
May I did without meaning to
Maybe it was some asshole kid
Whe you were young & his words 
Still feel true.

I guess I can keep trying
To tell you something new
Hope these new words will
Erase all that old shit in your head
Make a pretty new picture of you.

I guess that's up to you
But I tell you what
I'll always believe
I'll always see something pretty
When I look at you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In My Dreams--These People In My Mind--Mystical&Sacred Series--Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates

I sit here & visit this place
With you here in front of me once again.
Your voice in my head
& yet I wonder sometimes
Why I think I've ever heard you speak.

Your face 
A vague
& perfect thing
Soft to my touch
Against my skin.
In the dark
In the shadows
You're there
My man
The one I've always seen
In my dreams.

Your touch
Your hands on me
Breath so close
You lean over
& I sense you whisper
Something in my ear.
I feel it in my mind
Not heard but felt
Cascading across me
Like the tides
Pulling me to you.

You're always gentle
You would think that would scare me
Your tenderness
A sigh deep in me
Pushes out of my chest
How do you do this to me
Know me
Know what to say
When you don't even speak to me.

I don't care
I've always known you
Seen you
Had you come to me
Comfort me
Make me crazy
The way you know me.

But that's ok
Come to me anyway
Come to me tonight.
Hold me the way you always do
Tell me it will be ok
Let me forget my fear 
Even if it's always in my dreams.

Fly--R(You Know Why)--Recovery/Hope&Survivors Series--Warriors--Dragons

My Little One
My Hatcling.
This is what I bring you
What I leave with you
When I'm not here.

My claws I hold you with
Are too sharp sometimes.
My fire I breath to keep you warm
To protect you 
Sometimes comes to close
I never mean to singe.

My tough skin
Is rough I know
And I am hard to hold onto.
But it doesn't mean
I would ever let you go.

I don't always see how
You struggle to fly
As I fly above you.
I say someone must fly Point
But don't realize
That someone must also turn around
And make sure the ones I guide
Haven't fallen behind.

As I struggle to carry you some days
You have already struggled
To carry yourself through the storm.
All you ask for is to not fly it alone.
To be held up
For a little while
Until you can fly on your own again.

I have flown alone for so long now
It's hard to see
Any other way.
I fly sometimes with you
But because of how I am
What I've become
I can't always be beside you
Like I sometimes wish I could.

It's not you I say
But it must feel a different way.
It's a feeling I've known well
And never wished it for you to know.

All I can tell you
Is what I can
What I've learned
What I know now.

That I love you
That these claws are what I am.
But in this Heart
I'm a better Spirit.
One who soars high above
These storms with you.
Proud to be at your side.
Honored to to be your guide.
Would give anything to protect you.

Even give these tiny pieces of me
That I barely know myself.
These parts of me
That are good
Unjaded by time.

I have Hope
That this is enough.

As you fly with me
I will keep you safe.

You've allowed me to be whole.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spiritual High--Press Play/Mystical&Sacred/Musicians&Writers Series

My breath comes fast
And comes so slow.
The smile I can feel
Comes across my face
My eyes drift close.
My heart pounds in my chest
To the beat of you.
And your rythem 
Plays across me
Through my skin
And all I feel is you.
The tempature rises
I feel the heat in my chest
And flow through to my toes.
The end comes near
I can feel it rise inside me
So good.
So slow.
And then you're there
That last beat
Those last few notes
Flow through me.
A Spiritual High
I experience with no other.
Close to tears.
I breath that great sigh of relief.
And all can think about
Is how I can reach out to you
And press play
So you can take me there again.