Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guardians Of The Sky--A Prayer For Peace/Memorial/Beyond The Veil/Spirit Guides/--OTRB/Warriors/Dragons/Hope&Survivors

Guardians Of The Sky
They appear as many
A host of winged Creatures
Blessed are they that fall under
This watchful eye.

Names Of Those Above
Change as often as the tides of man
Time caressing those memories
Of Guardians of the Past.

Guises Of Those Sacred
Shall to mankind change
Only so that he may understand
Those above him
Shall always be apart of his Soul.

The Form Of These Sacred Creatures
Are many & few
For man in his limitless imaginings
Must somehow embrace that
Which he understands
Universal acceptance coming so sadly seldom.

So In The Wisdom Of The Sacred Ones
They come to you in gilded form
Changing ever more in the Hearts of us
Who are fortunate to have a Minds Eye that sees
A Second Sight that lets the Sacred Light in.

You May Now Ask Me The Faces Of These Guardians Above
So that you may one day allow a moment of recognition
A pause in Time
That you can feel your Soul change
Expand into that Higher Place
And join that Sacred Plane
With the ones who Love you so.

Oh But This Is So Easily Done
So carefully & instantly Blessed upon you
For the Guardians you seek 
Are Already At Your Feet
At Your Door
In Your Mind 
And In Your Heart.

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