Friday, November 28, 2014

Guardians Through Time--Black Series--Written Nov. 1, 2014

Images of daylight 
Sun that hurts my eyes
This is what I wake to
In my Dreams.

You in the background
Always there
Holding me
In this Place.

Sounds of Time
Under my feet
They slip away
As I walk further away to you.

This is what I fear
Choosing my Path
A map without end.

But how can I be afraid
When all I see is you
My Guide
My Guardian through Time.

Make Me Stay--Black Series--Written Nov 1, 2014

Loud splashes
Around my feet
Make echos of rain
Enough to cover sounds of you.

I wake 
It seems
From a foggy dream 
Your scent all around.

I want to hold you
In that moment
Instinct carries me
Images of you.

I need to feel you here
You say
Next to me
As if that's where you've always been.

How do you know me so well
I say
Know just what will make me stay.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

With You--Black Series

The churning winds
Inside of me 
Spin a web 
Of confusion
Some days.

But then
There's you.

A vortex 
Of Wisdom
In my Soul.

This Moment
This Peace
This tiny seed of Doubt
That these final moments 
Of chaos are all that awaits me.

These are what you bring me
Grows steadier
As you come closer
An anchor
A strobe light 
In the seas of uncertainty
I wash myself in.

Your touch
Before you even 
Reach me
This is what I feel
Your gentle touch
In my Soul
A quiet breath 
In my Mind.

This is what you bring
With you 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prelude To You--Black Series

Wings so beautiful
They make me cry
Tears of you
Fall down
My face.

I close my eyes
The pain
Of them
Burning you
Into me

I hear a symphony
Inside my Mind
In my
Minds eye
I only see

My face stains
My breath 
Comes faster
My voice
A distant
One I no longer

It's this song 
You play
Inside of me
The vibrations
Fill my
I can only

The cords straining
The violins notes
Through me
As your
Caresses what
I fear. 

A perfect pitch
Slowing as I reach higher
Time closes
Surrounds me
Only as you

I open
My eyes
Finally see
What was always
In my mind.

In front of me.

Your arms open
Your breath 
In mine.

It seems
Has been
A prelude
To you.

(updated/changed a bit here & there--July 1, 2016)

Don't Ever Let Me Go--Black Series

As the night 
I first 
Saw you.

As the pools 
That lay 
At my feet.

As the soft caress
I seem 
To feel.

As your voice
That always lays
Inside my head.

As a the tides
That always seem
To bring me in.

As the fountains statues
Paying homage
To your Soul.

As I am
When all I want to do
Is scream your name.

As you always are
Inside of me
Don't ever let me go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You--Veterans Day--Who I think About Often When I write About Warriors On My Blog

As I sit here, & contimplate the day behind me--I think about the Posts & Tweets I've seen today.

And since I don't watch TV anymore--I have to imagine only what usually plays on commercials each Holiday--One more ploy for getting consumers into their stores to buy.

I think of how I spent my day--With an appointment for one of us, a new battery for the car--& unexpectedly--A long nap for myself.

And again, thinking back to the words I've seen in the Social Circles I travel in Online.

Words of praise--Thanks--Memories. 

And--Surprising, I suppose, if you didn't understand these Warriors the way I've come to...Words Of Peace.

Simple Graditude. 

And Hope.

This is what I would want Folks to take with them today...

That Serivice has one Universal Tie--The look in a man's eyes, whether he was a prisoner in a Consintration Camp with numbers tattooed on his arm--To a man who was a POW in a war a Generatioon later, with only his memories to remind him--Their Words are the same...

We weren't special.
We did what we needed to do.
Anyone faced with it, would have done the same.
We are the same, no matter where our battles were fought--Because we were both 'there'.

I know this--Because I saw this moment of recognition between these men with my own eyes--& The words I remember next were mostly unspoken--Words I saw written again today, by another I know--That Peace is hard to come by--That it's precious, & delicate...& Beautiful.

Thank you for that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#Blog4Peace--What I Learned On My Blog

  • #Blog4Peace  

  • What an amazing Journey...
I shared a Post on my Blog last night, at about 10pmMT, here in AZ USA--Sending it to my personal FB & Twitter Pages, like I do--After seeing a Post on my FB Page.

And I changed my Profile Pics to Dona Nobis Pacem -& My Header Pics to John Lennon, with a quote from "Imagine" --For an International, Global Wide Oppurtunity to share the thought that Peace Is Possible.

I came back to my Blog today--& Discovered that my little Moment of Meditation--Was shared with amazing Folks in 48 Page Views--Google + ed--Recived 11 Comments--Read in 4 Countries--& Found by visiting 3 Blogs, FB, & Google.

These are Folks I've never 'met' before today--& They Reached Out & Shared What They Had...



They shared a concept, as a Child Of The 70's--& Of a Marine & a Hippie--That struggles, in my own Mind & Heart, to find Balance--Contentment--& Spiritual Peace.

This showed me that Commitment To Change--Locally & Globally--Really is still Possible.

And I was Honored to be a part of it.

Plz Visit these Folks--& Be a part of What They Do-- & & &

I will leave you with thoughts I've held onto for my Blessed 41 years--

Improvise--Adapt--& Overcome--USMC--0311

Semper Fi--USMC

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World--Mahatma Gandi

You May Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One, I Hope Someday You Will Join Us, And All The World Will Be As One--John

May You Make This Life A Good One.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Blog4Peace--Dona Nobis Pacem--Grant Us Peace--Join Me On My Blog

Blog4Peace -- Dona Nobis Pacem -- Grant Us Peace 

12amEST -- Nov 4, 2014 

I sit here in my home, with my family--& Am grateful for all I have--Knowing each day, that it is granted to me not by deserving it, or by my own works alone--I have a life, built on the works & sacrifices of others who came before me--& I say thank you.

Pass on your gratefullness--Your oppurtunities--Your willingness to build a good life for others--

Pass On Peace In Your Heart, Mind, & Actions--Commit To Equality & Compassion--For All Creatures--For All Time.

Guardians Series Part 3.

But, As we all know, This Light is a delicate thing, So easy to be put out, By those who fear it. 

And so, It must be done, That someone must be Created To keep that Light from being Extinguished.

So then, It seems, That the Guardians must be, Niether Human, Immortable, Only Indistructable.

Oh, But even that is not what it seems, For to Feel, To Live, To Breath without End, Is to truly be Alone.

Because, They would tell you, To Love without Boundries, To Give without Thought, To Seek without Promise, Is to not actually Live, But merly to Exist. ...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Road Map Through Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates--These People In My Mind---AZ Rains,Wings,Roses,Black,&Guardians--How I Got Here On My Blog

A lot of you may recognize some things in my 'new' Guardians Series.

I've told you about These Ppl I See In My Mind & A Paranormal/Historical/SciFi/Romance/Hope&Survivors Series-- & Written about Angels, Guardians, & SoulMates-AZ Rains, Wings, Roses & most recently Black--On at least half of my Blog.

Along with Dragon, Warriors, Hope & Survivors, Special Needs, Mental Illness, LGBT, OTRB, Anipals, & Various ppl inbetween---Who all play roles in my inspiration.

So when you now see the 'new' big labels describing my Poems to you in a new way--I wanted to tell you--That these ppl--Inside the Poetry where I live much of the time--Aren't really new. They're actually who I've had with me for a very long time.

The One I see the AZ Rains Series is from the first book series I started almost 10 yrs ago.

The One I see in the Wings Series is from the second book series I started a few years ago.

Roses I started here a several weeks ago.

And Black--I started this month, here, when I realized who He's always been--& Was ready to show him the way I really see him.

And These Ppl I See In My Mind Series--Those are the real truth--About how 'He' has always been with me.

So there it is--A little road map of who I am--The time line of this Poetic Journey, that for me, has lasted 41 years.

I'm glad you, who ever you are, wherever you're sitting right now, as far as across the world from me--Are here, now--Sharing this part of the Journey with me.

Guardians Series--Intro Part 2

The Special Ones, The Guarded, The Choosen, Their Choosen Ones.

The Ones who need special care, Who in this Place, In this Plane Of Existance, Are vulnerable, Weak.

Oh, But this, This is what only the Blinded see, What is kept from those who don't understand.

Who somehow know Instinctively, That the Choosen Ones, Will change Destiny.

Will bring Light, Into this small Space, Bring Peace into Chaos, Bring Hope. ...

Guardians Series--Intro Part 1.

You, When I think of you, I see you there across from me, as you always were.

How, How did I know you, When I was young, But there you stood.

You know, He looks the same now, As he did back then, Wings soft, Fragil.

How did he do that, Play a role, Keep it to himself, What he could really do.

Touch me across Time, Lean into this Space, Know me, Hold me here. ...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Guardians Series--These People In My Mind--A New Look At An Old Series--A Sneak Peek On My Blog

This is a Book Series I had started quite awhile back--& Started another different Book Series before that, nearly 10 yrs ago.

It was a reaction to being sick for months on end--& yrs off & on later on--Being in a car wreak that totalled it like an accordion--& Off & on from there, just to sort out my own head.

As you can see--I write, because it's what I do. I'm good at being a Mom--& Writing.

And you write what you know.

I write about Survival.

About Hope.

About Change--& About Seeing Another Day.

It seems someone out there understands these things, besides me--As of today, Sun Nov 2, 12:06am--I have 6,032 Pageviews on my Blog.

Remember folks--It's not what what you look like along the Journey--It's about having fun until you get there.