Saturday, October 22, 2016

What You Will--& Won't See On My Blog

Where you'll find my Blog----

I've been off of my Blog for awhile. Putting my energies into other places online & off. 

I've checked my Stats recently--& noticing "Traffic Source" referring URLs & Sites--Are ones I don't recognize. I suspect they may be some kind of con--To get you to go to porn--Viruses--Etc. 

I'll say it very clearly here---I do not endorse or support porn sites--Or anything else sketchy like that.

This Blog is mine--My original Work--My unique Thoughts--My Property--& It belongs to no one else. 

I write Poetry--I write about "self-help" type life lessons. I don't condone harm or self harm. I don't look to scam anyone. I would not refer anyone to cheesy sites. No creepy 3rd-party b.s. sites that take you somewhere sketchy you've never heard of.

So that's about it. All I should need to say on the subject. 

When you get me--You get info--Lessons--Support--& Truth about living with the ups & down of life--& That's it. The same I've given you since I started this Blog in April 2014. 

Anything else--Sites suddenly connected to it--& Whatever else creepy scammers & trolls try to pull--Are not from me--ever.

Hope that helps--& Hope to see you soon--Reading--Sharing--& Moving forward--No matter what.