Monday, August 24, 2015

Reminders Of You--Black Series--The Unified Spirits Of AZ Rains, Wings, & Roses Series Of The Angels, Guardians, & SoulMates Series

Golden Light
Shown from above
His calling card
As I now know

A Brief Sigh
From my lips
As I feel
The air around me

The Subtle Shift
As Time
Caresses my Soul
I know he's

The Warm Cleansing Rain
That falls 
Around me
Flows at my feet
The echo
Of  your arrival
Still in my

Your Precious Velvet Rose
At my
That bite me

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Why You'll Find My Poetry Blog Featured In Our ReLi Arts Etsy Shop--When I Create Wearable Art I'm Still 'On My Blog'--Part 2

You'll see the steady Influence of this Blog, you're on now--When you visit us in our ReLi Arts Shop on Social Media Sites we like to hang out on.

The Titles of each Listing gives you a good reference to why you may recognize many Items--Because they are Physically Tangible ways to express the things in my Blog you've grown used to reading & seeing over the last year we've--You & I-- been Online together. 

I've found a way to continue to Create--To use that to continue to lead the way Forward for the Ones I Walk Point For...

And literally carry with me--A Piece Of The Souls I Love.

Which is why--You will see "By Re" or "By Li"--So you know Who put a Piece Of Themselves into what you bought--Knowing it's Real People that made that Moment exist.

 Why I Credit "Peg" with backing us--As we Follow A Dream.

And why you'll find 'off beat', 'nontraditional' Items you're not likely to find everywhere.....

Because that's Who & What We Are--Survivors...Letting The Freak Flag Fly....

So, maybe you'll see Something here, that makes you feel relief that you're Not Alone...

&Then you'll stop by & See us in our Store--& You see that little Something that reminds you, that you were right--That you're Really Not Alone.

And I'll Honored to be A Part Of That....

That Moment--When we Discover--There's a A Little Bit Of Freak in all of us.....

& It really is OK to Wear It Proudly.

Hope to see you There. 

How My Personal Poetry Blog Infuences What I Make On Our ReLi Arts Etsy Shop--When I Create Wearable Art I'm Still 'On My Blog'--Part 1

Thank You to ALL of the wonderful Folks who read my Personal Blog----

I got started doing Online Pawties--& Social Circles Involving & Promoting Animal Rights--Shelters & Rescues--Pet Parenting--& Grief Support...

I was accepted into--& Mentored by--A large International Loosely & Tightly Knit Group Of People--& As I learned the ropes--I Discovered that Online is very much like Offline--There  are Folks who genuinely want you to Succed--& People  who only feel comfortable with your presence if you comply with their ridgid rules of  behaviors & expectations.

The real Key was to recognize & accept that--Grow as a Social Person Who Isn't Always Comfortable In Social Situations...& Recognize When The People Around You Really Are Actually Toxic.

I've always Written, Drawn, Pondered Meaning In My Head--& Those familiar with my Blog, See the progression of more than a year of an esencially Public Display of that....That I'm failable-That I fall--I bleed-I...Suffer losses...& I likely cause some as well.

But, This is why we are here isn't it--To join with other People who understand us--To view the Failures of others-To try to find Reason--Meaning--Acceptance--Even if only--& Maybe especially--From Ourselves.

So--I continued to Explore--Recount--Wallow--Bath In My Past--& Find Mind Searing Peace...& Discoved Other Writers Online--& People Who 'Get It'.

Fast forward to almost a year ago--& We are finally found Online--On a little Shop--Selling stuff we've enjoyed making in our own living room for 3 Generations now's full filling a Promise to each other made over a decade ago--That we would find a way to Support ourselves, to grow, make Progress, no matter what.

You'll see a lot of those Changes--Challenges--& Motivating Moments here--"On My Blog" Posts--& In the Poems & Series/Short Stories--That are mostky--If not all's Autobiographies & Biographies From My Perspective--Thinly veiled Personal Mements In Time--With a dash of Faith--& A Beautiful Sprinkling of Hope......

Shadows--Black Series

Cold Dark Hands
Under the cover
Of darkness
Think not
To warm themselves
To simply wait.

For My Arrival
You say
Makes the sting
Of loneliness
A pleasant thing
A moment cherished.

To Rest Your Soul
In mine
To breath the air
Of the living
Is to bring 
To shadows
In the dark.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Only You--Black Series

Color Burst
Across my eyes
My Sky
A pyrotechnic

Fading Darkness
As night
My Day 

The Sounds
My World
From view

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Set Me Free-Black Series

The Black Shadows
That hide your 

The Temptation
That Shadows

Quite Moments
That steal 
My Dreams
My Illusions.

You Come To Me
To my Depths
In my 
Barest Form
You Encase me.

Like A Creature
Outside of my Shell
I Wait
Inevitable Change
Always near. 

Your Mouth 
Upon me
Your Distance 
No more.

I Seek 
Your Illusions 
Me Free.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 4--Hope & Survivors

And so--It seems all Expectation Of Hope becomes Fleeting--A Far Gone Illustion--A Thing Other People Own....

But here's the thing--I was never Made That Way--Defeat made me Angry--Being Brushed Aside made me realize I was Alone--Being Talked Down To & Dismissed only made me Understand it was time to Move On...

But This Particular Kind Of Rejection--This Basest Of Digs--It hits in a Places that literally IS Who You Are. It doesnt matter if it's You or Your Loved One--The Pain & Disillutionment is the Same.

In fact--For Some it's the Ones We Love--Their Pain--Their Hope--Their Beautiful Smiles that make all the Other Shit seem Worth It....It's when we see that smile fade--See that Moment of Reality hit---Know the World doesn't See them the way we do--That Changes Who We Are Permenently....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 3--Hope & Survivors

And so then, I go on to think of the Moments in my own Experiences with Illness--My own Weakest Moments--& Those of my own Loved Ones, as I stand beside them--& I realise what it looked like on the Outside Looking In... & The sheer Disconnection I felt looking from the Inside Out--Watching Those Who Should Have Championed An Innocent, slowly remove themselves, absolving themselves of Guilt Of Imperfection By Association.

I Remember in vivid, mind numbing techno color, the Looks Of Fear...These are the Looks I remember most--& The Looks Of Consdisention--The Ones that said 'I don't Belive you' You didn't Do it right' 'You didn't Try hard enough'....

' I can't do this with you--I won't'......

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 2--Hope & Survivors

When you look at me, writing here with you--Or a Casual Friend in person or on online--& You say to yourself 'How can they be this sick if they're always online?' 'How "sick"(eye roll) can their Loved One be if I see them acting & looking just fine to me?'.

And so goes the Endless Battles with the Outside World--The World these Warriors must Live & Survive In, outside of their Own Mind--& Their Own Home. 

'How bad can it be? I had that, & I didn't complain this much' 'Not again--This Drama Queen Act has got to stop' .....

'Move on already'.

I imagine, over the years, the people I've know, where I've said these things--When I've looked out from my relatively Healthy Body--& Been blind--My Soul & Mind somehow not comprehending what it can't conceive of--& How they must have felt Shock--Disappointment--Fear--As they realize someone they thought they Knew-Never really Understood them at all....

Monday, August 10, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 1--Hope & Survivors-Chronic Illness-Mental Illness-Trama-PTSD-Recovery-Addiction

Chronic Illness--Mental Illness--Trama--PTSD--Recovery--Addiction.....
These Warriors Of Recovery--These Battles Fought, Sometimes Won, Sometimes Lost-----

THESE are my Heros.

Because they fight Silent Killers. Because these Assassins Of The Soul, lay in silence, waiting for a Moment Of Weakness. Prey on the Innocent. Disguise themselves as any Normal Moment--& Cleverly insinuate their way into those Warriors lives....And the most crule of all--They are Masters Of Manipulation--Convincing the People around these Warriors, that they are nothing more than a Passing Traveler--A Passing Phase.

Those People Who Should Go To Battle for these Warriors, are instead led to dismiss what they see. To ignore the Signs. Create False Perceptions of Those Who Are Slowly Losing The Battle.....

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Empty Space--Black Series

The Moon 
Is my Sky.
For in it
Lies your Path.
The Traces 
Of you
Streaked across
A Sunless 
Crimson Sky.

The Stars 
Are your 

The Comets
Your Ego
In it's Path 
To me.
Your Will
Is Ever Mine
A Sea
Of Destiny.

The Seemingly 
Empty Space
They say.
We both Know
Is always Filled
With You.