Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Road Map Through Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates--These People In My Mind---AZ Rains,Wings,Roses,Black,&Guardians--How I Got Here On My Blog

A lot of you may recognize some things in my 'new' Guardians Series.

I've told you about These Ppl I See In My Mind & A Paranormal/Historical/SciFi/Romance/Hope&Survivors Series-- & Written about Angels, Guardians, & SoulMates-AZ Rains, Wings, Roses & most recently Black--On at least half of my Blog.

Along with Dragon, Warriors, Hope & Survivors, Special Needs, Mental Illness, LGBT, OTRB, Anipals, & Various ppl inbetween---Who all play roles in my inspiration.

So when you now see the 'new' big labels describing my Poems to you in a new way--I wanted to tell you--That these ppl--Inside the Poetry where I live much of the time--Aren't really new. They're actually who I've had with me for a very long time.

The One I see the AZ Rains Series is from the first book series I started almost 10 yrs ago.

The One I see in the Wings Series is from the second book series I started a few years ago.

Roses I started here a several weeks ago.

And Black--I started this month, here, when I realized who He's always been--& Was ready to show him the way I really see him.

And These Ppl I See In My Mind Series--Those are the real truth--About how 'He' has always been with me.

So there it is--A little road map of who I am--The time line of this Poetic Journey, that for me, has lasted 41 years.

I'm glad you, who ever you are, wherever you're sitting right now, as far as across the world from me--Are here, now--Sharing this part of the Journey with me.

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