Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time--Wings/Roses/AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Crimson lips upon mine
Hands rest on my hips.
The flavor of you
Your smell on me.
These things
As I think of you.
That replay
In my Mind.
Your gentleness
That scares me.
Your face
so close to mine.
Why do you
Test me
Tease me.
You know 
I want you.
Afraid I 
Can't have you.
Yet you're here
You always are
Aren't you.
Memories of you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Different Lens--Special Needs Series

Who says so?
Who says it's Wrong?
To be Different
To be Not The Same
As Everyone Else.
Maybe it's different.
Maybe it's not the same
You're used to.
So what?
Maybe that person isn't
What You Expected.
So what.
Maybe that person
Is exactly like you.
Maybe they're
Looking at You.
And wondering
Why you can't be
More Like Them.
Maybe we're looking
From The Wrong Place.
Thru the wrong lens.
Seeing life thru the 
Lens Of Special Needs
Isn't so odd.
Maybe just
Take a Look
You might enjoy
What you see.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome Home--#POWMIA/#KIA/#WelcomeHome/#NeverForgotten--Warriors Series

That know You.
That traveled that road.
Dog Tags
That remember You.
That kept you safe the whole way.
A Weapon
That conformed to You.
That did what You did too.
A Memory
That took pictures of You.
That keep replaying
When You don't want them to.
A Home
That seemed so far away.
That seems too close
Now that you're back
In the world.
A Family
That you couldn't hope for.
That seems possible now.
A Peace
That ran father away
The closer You got.
That seems in reach now.
That You thought was gone.
That may not be the same
But is still beautiful.
Welcome Home.

What You Couldn't Hide--Wings Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates(&Warriors)

Dark wings
Pulled against your chest.
So perfect
Shine in this light.
Your eyes on me
The way you always do.
Spread out before me.
Reach for me.
A breeze
And I know it's you.
You hide them
So I can't see.
I never knew why.
Why you think
I can't see.
The way you really are.
Always been.
Dark hair.
Fair skin.
Black eyes.
The scars too.
The broken feathers
The scars across your skin.
You think you hide.
But they're beautiful
You know.
All of you.
That's who I Love.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eternally--Wings Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Angel or Man.
Man is what you seem.
A gentle caress
A sign in my ear.
An Angel is what I hope for.
A touch of your soft wings
A whisper of Silence.
A Guardian is what you'll be.
A hand on mine
A commanded plea to never let you go.
What you are
Is what you've always been.
And I'll always be Yours.

Home To Me--Hope&Survivors Series

Possibilities shine
Like a diamond
In this coal.
Digging far enough
I see 
Good things in me.
Hard to do
Why is that.
We see what 
We want to see
Maybe it's that.
To Hope
To Dream
To Want
Is to Reach.
To Reach
Is to be afraid
Afraid to fall.
Down this cliff
That's not as far
as it seems.
So that
One day
You look up & see
A Bridge
in front of you.
This Is The Way Home.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Your Rose-Before You--Roses Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

The petals of your Rose
Against my skin.
So soft
Life pulseing through.
Against my skin.
Touch me.
 You hide those 
From me
But they 
Cut me still.
And I sometimes
But you lean
Close to me
Breath in my ear.
Telling me
You can heal
Those too.
Like the ones
I already had
Before I met you.

Your Rose-Into You--Roses Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

The petals of your Rose
Against my skin.
Gentle caress
Touches of you.
Thorns you hide
They cut
me still.
Yet here
I stay
Next to you.
Your touch
Your breath in mine
Heals in Time.
As I look
I see
Not just your thorns
But mine.
Mixed & combined.
Our colors
Change too
As we join
As I lean into

As Your Colors Change--Roses Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

A Red Rose.
The color of the sky
At Dawn.
A Black Rose.
The color of the sky
At a Storm's end.
A White Rose.
The color of the sky
When the clouds 
Roll back in.
They color my Sky.
They remind me 
Of You.

Eternity Tonight--Roses Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Black eyes
See me from afar.
Black wings
I don't know.
But will
Soon enough.
Your mouth
On mine
Or I think I feel
You here.
Long narrow
Hold me close.
They hold me now.
Your breath 
In my ear
Your voice 
A rumbling 
in your chest
A whisper 
in your throat.
I wish 
I could feel it
For Eternity.
That touch.
That gentle
I see you 
tell me I can.
Have you 
Starting tonight.
You & I.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A #Dragons & Warriors Prayer--R&G

Sands Of Time.
They slip through my claws
Like the thoughts of You.
My Life Here
You wouldn't know.
Wouldn't understand 
Even if I told you.
Beyond Time.
But this time with you
This is enough for me.
A short as it seems.
Because you make
It seem so simple
So clean.
The reasons
for being Here.
Being here with You.
I exist because you do.
I was put here for you.
Your Guardian
Your Protector.
My wings
That could cause pain.
I sharpen them
For you.
I stay strong
To Fly for you.
I Walk The Perimeters
I Walk Point
For you.
If I can't stay
That I will always
Fly near.
Watching you
Even from afar.
Guiding your Path Here
For You.

An #TheAviators & #Dragons Prayer

May your Wings let you soar
To the Skies you Love.
May the Ground below
Easy your landing.
May you find the Winds
On your face.
May you find Peace
Between your Flights.
May you always have 
A Passion to Fly.
May you always have
A Reason to come Home.

Desert Rain--AZ Rains Series--#AZPals

Creosote in my veins
A Desert Rat is what I am
What I'll always be.
This world around me
This foreign place
Soaks into my pores.
Other people see nothing
I suppose
They don't hear the sounds.
That the Desert makes.
All around me.
Days too hot
Nights too cold.
I hear your call.
Survival here
Seems impossible here
I know.
But I'm here.
You're here.
That makes it 
The most beautiful 
Place on Earth.
So sit back
Enjoy the storms.
You appreciate
Survival more
The less it rains.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Only You--AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates(My Fav)

Wet dirt beneath my toes
The water runs near me.
Flooding as it goes.
I search for you
And hope you don't know.
Looking up
I see you there.
Seeing me.
I can feel you watch me
Like I know you do.
But this is different.
This is new.
Your graceful 
Perfect movements
Come toward me.
Almost as beautiful 
As they are in my mind.
I see you in front of me
Looking to the side
The way you do.
I'm breathing faster now.
My breath coming fast.
Yours so perfectly slow.
Your eyes never leaving me
Holding me
Touching me from afar
The way you do.
I feel your hands near me.
Your hands
Wet and warm.
Bringing me closer 
To you
The way you do.
Holding me closer still
Your breath on my face.
Your arms around me
Body on me
The way you do.
Telling me to stop trembling
That you won't let me go.
Saying in my ear
What only I can hear
That you'll always have me
The way you do.

When I Look At You--R&G--OTRB/Fate/Eternal Love Series

Is it true.
Could I really 
Look at someone else
When I  look at You.
Could I look up
At this sky of blue.
See a Hawk above me
As she flies
When I look at you.
Watch you as you soar
And know our time together isn't through.
See your wings
Be in awe
When I look at you.
I believe
When I look at you.

I know You--AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates(My Fav)

His face I see.
Familiar still.
In my eyes 
Always the same.
He never speaks.
Only a look.
That Look.
The one I know well.
The scene changes.
He's closer now.
A Touch.
A caress I remember.
Familiar & safe.
I know this Place.
I've been here many times before.
I'll be here again I know.
To be with him.
Visits in the dark.
In my Mind.
In my Dreams.

Ruler Of The Realm--Hope&Survivors Series

The Difference was the same.
Familiar Rules.
Different Game.

In My Heart A Storm--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Like your Love strikes.
The rain
Like my tears fall.
Joy is near.

Kept From You--Hope&Survivors Series

In a Mind
One might find
Simple things left behind.
In that Heart 
you might see beside
A few more things that I still hide.

Moonlit Dance--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Fight & Join.
Making us one.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

As I Stand Here--R&G--A Warrior's Prayer

You see me at a distance
Far away.
You think I don't care.
I don't see.
But that's just me.
Sometimes a shadow.
Sometimes near.
It's the way I am
The way  I learned to be
The way I know how to be.
Someone must Walk Point
I guess that's me.

The Writer In You--R&G--Hope&Survivors Series

I see in you
So many possibilities.
And I'm proud of them all.
I see who you are now
And I know the struggle it took to get here.
And you amaze me.
The words you speak
On paper 
With pen
Show you so bright & clear.
A sparkling picture of perfection.
I see the flaws you fear
But only as you think they may be.
What I really see.
Is you.
I love you.

Love Is Free--An OTRB Prayer--HealingPurrs Blog

As Our Loved Ones Look At Us From Across The Rainbow Bridge--On The Other Side--
I Believe This Is Their Prayer--What They Want Us To Know....

Love is free.
It soars to the Heavens above us.
To a place Real & True.
You & I are always together.
Maybe not as before.
Or so it seems.
But I feel you here with me.
Your Love will always be the same.
And I will always be with you.
Same as before.
Because I will always Love you.

A Writer's Heart--R&G--Writers&Musicians Series

A mask worn 
across the Heart.
It's a place I hide.
To disguise myself.
As I play make believe
In a Masquerade Ball
Made of one.
I am joined there though
With the Ones who 
Are already there.
Who reside 
Close to me
Who never leave.
Playing all night & day
Their Party goes on
With or without me.
So I might as well
Join the Fun.

My Soul's Heartbeat--Writers&Musicians Series--Angels,Guardians,&Soulmates

A Soul that beats in Rythem
Fast & slow.
Fluctuates to the beat of you
Music in my ears 
A sound only I can hear.
Drums pounding 
soft & low.
Guitars play
In the distance
Crescendo so good.
Taking me to you
I ride the flow.
I sit & listen 
To the strains
In my Heart.
I disappear in you
As I joined the show.

Music on Paper--R&G--Writers&Musicians Series

On paper
Songs ring in my head.
Poems in my mind
They sound musical to you.
It's funny how 
I see words
You hear music
But it still feels the same.
The cadence
Moves me toward you.
I know how you feel
Because you let me.
Into your World.
And it's so beautiful there.
I hope you let me visit you there
again & again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A K-9's Prayer--OTRB/Warriors/Eternal Love Series

May you Walk Point 
In green pastures.
May you Walk The Perimeters
In beauty.
May you Guard 
Those who came before.
May you breath easy
Knowing your job is done.
May you know
You were Loved.
May you remember me
When my time comes to walk with you again.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Starlight--Wings Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

As I lay here
& I hear the end
Of one more day
I feel the safety of your wings 
Wrapped around me.
And I know peace.

I'll Always Love You--R&G

I'm always close by
Even though you don't see me.
Know I'm always there.
Even though you think you can't feel me.
Remember I Always Love You.

I Believe In The Rainbow Bridge--OTRB/#Dragons/#TheAviators Series

Wings Of Prayers
This is how I'll see you now.
Wings Of Angels
Is how I'll see you someday.
Whisper that you Love me.
I'll hear you from here.
Show me you Love me
& hug me tight again someday.

Forever You & Me--EI(You Know Why)--A Special Needs Kitty---#Anipals--Special Needs Series

Kitty with fur.
Soft & warm.
Happiness is a purr.
Your Friendship comes in Feline form.
Of this I'm sure.
We can weather any storm.
In my Heart Love you stir.
In my eyes Miricles you perform.
My Special Kitty with soft warm fur.

What I Hide--Hope&Survivors Series

Transposed over Time.
What the Body
Allowed it to do.
Like double exposure film
You see the Soul's past
In front of you.

Chemical Reaction In Disguise--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

His Soul on fire.
Hers Gentley drifts upon him.
Both volatile 
In their memorizing beauty.
Brings them peace.

Mirrors Of Time--Hope&Survivors Series

Faint lines.
In my face.
In my skin.
In my Heart.
These are those that came Before.
Before I knew I could escape.
Escape me.

Fields Of You--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Flowers that guide me.
A scent that reminds me of you.
Sun that illuminates my Soul.
Fear holds me back no more.

Photographs Of Us--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Without pain.
Without regret.
Your form next to me.
Your Heart in mine.
Eternity swirls around us
& I see you in me.
Me in you.
Gracing these walls
In my Mind's Eye.
Pictures of us
Form a perfection 
I never knew.

Sprinkles Of Time--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Made of fire
Of all things that ever were.
Of light
& darkness.
Like you.
Touches my nights.
Hides my days.
Guides my path to you.

Here Or There--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Outside of time.
The barrier only in my mind.
A touch from here to there.
Your whisper closer still.
My Soul waits.
For Time is but a presence.
A shard of perception.
What it must be.
For me to get to you.

Like Wine--Hope&Survivors Series

Blood red
Smooth & sweet.
Aged well
As it should be.
Carassing those 
who understood.
Staining forever 
those who forsake her.

Embrace Me--PP(You Know Why)--A Springtime Prayer--#Anipals

Flowers bloom.
Sweet & low.
Cover the ground as they grow.
For the world their beauty show.
The world brighter because they glow.

You--Wings Series--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

His feet at my door.
His mind in mine.
His face in my hand.
His breath on my face.
His sigh in my ear.
His hand on my waist.
Don't go.

The Other Side Is Here--Angels,Guardians,&SoulMates

Wings of fire
Wings of Grace.
In my Heart & Mind I see your face.
Show me more
Protect me from me.
Take me to where you are
Then set me free.

Mistaken Identity-- #Dragons Series--R&G

Black wings
Doesn't mean a black Heart.
My spikes I use to protect you.
My thick skin I use to protect myself.