Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You--Veterans Day--Who I think About Often When I write About Warriors On My Blog

As I sit here, & contimplate the day behind me--I think about the Posts & Tweets I've seen today.

And since I don't watch TV anymore--I have to imagine only what usually plays on commercials each Holiday--One more ploy for getting consumers into their stores to buy.

I think of how I spent my day--With an appointment for one of us, a new battery for the car--& unexpectedly--A long nap for myself.

And again, thinking back to the words I've seen in the Social Circles I travel in Online.

Words of praise--Thanks--Memories. 

And--Surprising, I suppose, if you didn't understand these Warriors the way I've come to...Words Of Peace.

Simple Graditude. 

And Hope.

This is what I would want Folks to take with them today...

That Serivice has one Universal Tie--The look in a man's eyes, whether he was a prisoner in a Consintration Camp with numbers tattooed on his arm--To a man who was a POW in a war a Generatioon later, with only his memories to remind him--Their Words are the same...

We weren't special.
We did what we needed to do.
Anyone faced with it, would have done the same.
We are the same, no matter where our battles were fought--Because we were both 'there'.

I know this--Because I saw this moment of recognition between these men with my own eyes--& The words I remember next were mostly unspoken--Words I saw written again today, by another I know--That Peace is hard to come by--That it's precious, & delicate...& Beautiful.

Thank you for that.

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