Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love Is Free--An OTRB Prayer--HealingPurrs Blog

As Our Loved Ones Look At Us From Across The Rainbow Bridge--On The Other Side--
I Believe This Is Their Prayer--What They Want Us To Know....

Love is free.
It soars to the Heavens above us.
To a place Real & True.
You & I are always together.
Maybe not as before.
Or so it seems.
But I feel you here with me.
Your Love will always be the same.
And I will always be with you.
Same as before.
Because I will always Love you.


  1. Diz iz soooooooooo booooootiful. Luuuuuuvz diz sooooo much! *very leaky eyez* ღ¸.•°`*´°•.¸ღ(¯`’•¸ღ¸•‘´¯)ღ¸.•°`*´°•.¸ღ

  2. these words are so wonderful & u could not have sent them to me at a better time :)
    thank you so much & God Bless

  3. You're welcome.I think we're ALL led to do what we're meant to do .I'm glad I was able to send this when you needed it :) :)