Monday, December 15, 2014

"Traffic Source"--Where You Will & Won't Find Me On My Blog

So--I check my Blog "Stats" to see where my Blog's been read, through what portals, which posts are read that day, etc...

I've seen twice now--"Traffic Source" that show referring portals or keywords, or web addresses--Have been for either bogus addresses--Or an online porn site--As the way Folks have gotten to my Blog...

Let me clarify---

I won't use these--I take my work here very seriously--& Will not waste my time--Or reputation using bogus or dirty sites or addresses to get to my Personal Blog--Or anything else I do here.

This is a place to do good--& If you see me advertised anywhere like these bogus or dirty addresses- You can be sure it's not me doing that.

Anyone attempting to smear me & what I do here--Is wasting their time...

Good is done here--By Folks who Inspire & Conqure every day. And a few bumps in the road won't stop that Path to a Better Place.

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