Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Weight Of Your Soul--Black Series

The Darkness Comes
& I think of you
Because I know as the Light falls
So shall the World around me, at your feet.

They know you
These Creatures that only come out at night
Their likeness fearsome to most
Their beauty radiant to only some.

Those who know 
Understand what they see
Sense what lies here beneath this surface
The rippling circles guide us to you.

Like a Seek-er
& A See-er be
Fortunes & Prophecies
Are realized at your feet.

And yet  here you stand before me
Like a great Sacrifice at my Alter
You lay your Soul in my hands
To weigh it's Destiny.

I look in your eyes
& See as I always do
Transparent the Deeds you fear
Shall destroy my Love for you.

And I whisper in your ear
As I always do
That the weight of your Soul
Shall be never be too heavy
If you let me carry it with you.

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