Friday, October 3, 2014

Cold As Ice--Black-A New Series--Inspired By/Inspiration For My AZ Rains,Wings,&Roses Series

Black eyes
You see me from afar.
You hold me here
With spikes of thought.
Pressed into my Mind.
Like a presence
You surround me.

Black nails
Upon your hands.
Long fingers 
That I feel you
Press into me.
Or maybe I only 
wish you did.

Blond hair
Carresses you face.
A frame.
A halo of light
Around those dark
Perfectly familiar eyes.

Pale skin
Soft to my touch.
So that barbs
Battles of will
Never peniteate it.

A Heart
Cold as ice.
Warm only
To my own.
To watch it melt
With mine.

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