Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maybe-I Bet-I Hope-I Know--Part 1--Warrior Series

It will look familiar
Maybe it will be decorated 
In things you know.

I'll know you've made it there
Know you're safe
Know I won't have to worry

They'll have all the good things there
The stuff you always liked
The things you were really looking for
The things you couldn't find before.

I bet 
There'll be bands 
& Dance floors
& All the girls will blush & smile
When they say yes
When you ask them to dance.

I bet
The music never stops
& The Party has always just begun
Where they never play that song you hate.

I bet
I can almost see you there
Smiling only the way you do
Still in uniform
But free
Free of the burdens you carried 
When you wore it here. ....

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