Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maybe-I Bet-I Hope-I Know--Part 2--Warriors Series

I hope
You see me here, from there
See how I look for you every day
In the little things we used to do.

I hope 
You can can feel me from there
That I still love you
Still feel you in my heart
Beating like a drum beat 
To the song we used to dance to.

I hope
You can rest easy there
Knowing your job was done well
That you can relax 
Can just look around you & know
It's ok to just...be.

I know 
We'll see each other again
But this day, yesterday, & even tomorrow
It's not so easy to do
To sit here & wait some more.

I know 
That it will be so beautiful there
Where you already are
& we'll enjoy it together
Just like it used to be
Before you were gone.

I know
You see me already
& Hold me still
That you'd say it doesn't matter 
That it's not like before
That if this is all we have
Then let's enjoy it while it lasts. ...

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