Monday, October 13, 2014

Away From You--Black Series

The Darkness
Lays deep
In this place.

An ending 
Seems near.

Only shadows my face
Reflections seem to bright.

But this Place
You make for me here
Is all I want to see.

For, when you hold me near
I can breath
Can finally take a breath.

And breath you in I do
Your scent of the ground beneath my feet
The earth quaking in it's loss of you.

Your touch
Silence always
Only the sound of your skin on mine.

A breeze at my feet
As the Storm  
Begins to grow.

Your fury all around me 
Howling in my ears
Tells me our time is near.

Music almost, it seems
A rhythem of Nature 
All around us.

Moves the way you do
Forces me to bend 
With your winds.

For to hold on too long
Could cause me to break
And fall away from you.

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