Monday, October 13, 2014

Be The One To Lead--Black Series On My Blog

Thanks to everyone who is reading my "Black Series"...

It's pretty cool watching it get so many Pageviews--& Shares, Likes, RTs, & FAVs. 

See--Here's what's so cool about it for me...

This person--Is a combination of my AZ Winds, Wings, & Roses Series Poems...

But--It's actually the other way around.

He is the original. The whole One. The One I really see, when I write about the Others. When I write about anyone, in this way.

But--Here's the thing. I know he's Dark--& I know that I feel some relief in that. I fear that, somehow, that's not normal, or that when ppl see him--& Me--So clearly...They won't like what they see, & choose to walk away.

Even now--After 41 yrs of my own life-& Most of it focusing on how to Be On Point--& Finding ways to spend Quality Time somewhere in between, w/ the ppl I Walk it for--I still find myself amazed at my ability to be blind to myself. To not acknowledge who is really such a real part of what I am--& Understanding that who & what I really don't want to look at in my Little Inner World--Is actually me.

So I went through some steps, some stages, like I do--& Decided to let "Him" out--The way I really see him, when I've written about so many others.

And maybe this is what we all do--Dance around the Bon Fire-- Chanting sacred tunes, wishing, & warding away who we really are.

But there it is anyway.

So Dance--Sing a New Song--& Be Glorious--With Who You Really Are...

Because you Dance with it all anyway--It just might be nice to sometimes, be the one to lead.

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