Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spiritual High--Press Play/Mystical&Sacred/Musicians&Writers Series

My breath comes fast
And comes so slow.
The smile I can feel
Comes across my face
My eyes drift close.
My heart pounds in my chest
To the beat of you.
And your rythem 
Plays across me
Through my skin
And all I feel is you.
The tempature rises
I feel the heat in my chest
And flow through to my toes.
The end comes near
I can feel it rise inside me
So good.
So slow.
And then you're there
That last beat
Those last few notes
Flow through me.
A Spiritual High
I experience with no other.
Close to tears.
I breath that great sigh of relief.
And all can think about
Is how I can reach out to you
And press play
So you can take me there again.

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