Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wolf At My Door--AZ Rains Series--Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates

Feathers outside my window
A Wolf at my door.
This is how I think of you.
Rain pours outside
And somehow all I can think about is you.

I run down stairs
When everyone's asleep.
Hopeing to once again 
Not make it in time to see you.
What scares me more
When you won't leave me
Or when you disappear.

Thunder over head
Electricity in my feet.
I stand in these puddles
And think of you.
Of how your charge 
Makes my body feel.

Signs of you
All around me.
Your breath in my ear
Your voice in my head.
Like a sweet 
Painful song
Against my skin.

You're here now
I seem to say.
I wait 
To hear myself say it.
To see your face
Tell me it's real.

Creasote on my skin
In my lungs.
Your breath joins with mine.
On the storms 
Is how you seem to come.
In the force
Is where I crave  you.

Stand with me you say
You won't let me go
Won't let me be free.
But we both know
Both know the truth.

Neither of us wants to be set free.

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