Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fly--R(You Know Why)--Recovery/Hope&Survivors Series--Warriors--Dragons

My Little One
My Hatcling.
This is what I bring you
What I leave with you
When I'm not here.

My claws I hold you with
Are too sharp sometimes.
My fire I breath to keep you warm
To protect you 
Sometimes comes to close
I never mean to singe.

My tough skin
Is rough I know
And I am hard to hold onto.
But it doesn't mean
I would ever let you go.

I don't always see how
You struggle to fly
As I fly above you.
I say someone must fly Point
But don't realize
That someone must also turn around
And make sure the ones I guide
Haven't fallen behind.

As I struggle to carry you some days
You have already struggled
To carry yourself through the storm.
All you ask for is to not fly it alone.
To be held up
For a little while
Until you can fly on your own again.

I have flown alone for so long now
It's hard to see
Any other way.
I fly sometimes with you
But because of how I am
What I've become
I can't always be beside you
Like I sometimes wish I could.

It's not you I say
But it must feel a different way.
It's a feeling I've known well
And never wished it for you to know.

All I can tell you
Is what I can
What I've learned
What I know now.

That I love you
That these claws are what I am.
But in this Heart
I'm a better Spirit.
One who soars high above
These storms with you.
Proud to be at your side.
Honored to to be your guide.
Would give anything to protect you.

Even give these tiny pieces of me
That I barely know myself.
These parts of me
That are good
Unjaded by time.

I have Hope
That this is enough.

As you fly with me
I will keep you safe.

You've allowed me to be whole.

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