Saturday, September 27, 2014

Does It Matter/Will It Make You Not Like Me--What Does 'I Support' Mean Series--How I Decide What To Put On My Blog

I Support.

These are Powerful Words. They can Lift Up--& They can Destroy.

They can bring Revolution--& They can bring Resolution.

What do I Support?

Freedom. Basic Human Rights. Compassion for the Weak--This makes me a Liberal.

Accountability. Earning Privalages. Swift Punishment for the Abuser--This makes me a Conservative.

I grew up in circumstances that may seem different than many--But are the same as many around me--& Yet I came to very different conclusions than so many of the ppl I grew up with.

I've seen one Generation before me live through being a POW--& 2 Generations before me live through the Holucaust--Neither because of their Religious or Political Beliefs--But because they believed in Freedom.

I've seen the Next Generation live through a Hell I could never imagine--For no damn good reason...But not only live through it--They manage to give me the Hope that this Place is filled with more than shit--It's also filled with Miracles too.

I've battled my own Consious-- My own Genetics--& My own Personal Demons....

And came to the convolution that Life Is Too Short To Be Afraid.

You look in my eyes these last few yrs--& you'll see a different person than before. That cold-dead-eyed-stare...Maybe my own personal version of that 1000 Yd Stare I already know so well... Is what you will probably see now--Mixed with Genuine Hope. Because I know now--How hard it is to come by.

What do I Stand For? What Do I Believe?

Hope. Doing Good Things With What You're Given. Success Is What You Say It Is. Never Giving Up...Saying Screw You, If You Don't Like The Way My Life Looks To You...& Really Mean It.

What Do I Support?

I don't know if it really matters.

As long as we are Going The Same Way--Does it really matter How We Get There?

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