Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In My Dreams--These People In My Mind--Mystical&Sacred Series--Angels,Guardians,&Soul Mates

I sit here & visit this place
With you here in front of me once again.
Your voice in my head
& yet I wonder sometimes
Why I think I've ever heard you speak.

Your face 
A vague
& perfect thing
Soft to my touch
Against my skin.
In the dark
In the shadows
You're there
My man
The one I've always seen
In my dreams.

Your touch
Your hands on me
Breath so close
You lean over
& I sense you whisper
Something in my ear.
I feel it in my mind
Not heard but felt
Cascading across me
Like the tides
Pulling me to you.

You're always gentle
You would think that would scare me
Your tenderness
A sigh deep in me
Pushes out of my chest
How do you do this to me
Know me
Know what to say
When you don't even speak to me.

I don't care
I've always known you
Seen you
Had you come to me
Comfort me
Make me crazy
The way you know me.

But that's ok
Come to me anyway
Come to me tonight.
Hold me the way you always do
Tell me it will be ok
Let me forget my fear 
Even if it's always in my dreams.

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