Friday, September 5, 2014

I Guess--R(You Know Why)--Recovery/Hope&Survivors Series

I guess I can make it seem easy
Like have some answers
But I really don't.

I guess I do
The ones I've always known
But man, the ones I don't
Just seem to be close
Then run father the closer I get.

I guess I could tell you why
Why I know what I do
Think it matter
But maybe it won't.

I guess you may care
See this pain
Want to carry a share
But I probably wouldn't let you
I just don't know how
But sometimes
I so wish I could.

I guess it's not easy
Being you either
But when I look at you
I think man, how do they not know
Not know how incredible they are
Who ever told them otherwise
It was bull shit
It was a lie.

I guess that lie holds you
The one in your head
Maybe you told yourself
May I did without meaning to
Maybe it was some asshole kid
Whe you were young & his words 
Still feel true.

I guess I can keep trying
To tell you something new
Hope these new words will
Erase all that old shit in your head
Make a pretty new picture of you.

I guess that's up to you
But I tell you what
I'll always believe
I'll always see something pretty
When I look at you.

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