Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Visits From You--AZ Rains Series--Angels, Guardians, & Soul Mates

He visits me in the rain.
His hands close to mine.
His breath close
His mouth comes closer.

The sun rarely shines
When he's around.
Or so it seems.
Maybe I just like to
Think of him this way.
Water pouring around my feet
Pounding into the ground.
It's deafening
And I can still only hear you.

A cool breeze past my face
The only reprieve of the day
Air not electrified by closterphobic energy
Heat so tight
Wrapped around your chest
You're desperate just breath.

But this heat
This electric energy is different.
This electic current
You send through my brain
I cant stop thinking of you.

Surround me like you do.
Reach out to me.
Beyond this Place
Beyond your Time.
Join me here
Or take me with you.
I don't want us to end.

The storms will bring you again
I know.
And you know I'll be waiting here for you.
Like I always do.

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