Friday, September 12, 2014

Thinking Of You--AZ Rains Series--These People In My Mind--A Paranormal/Historical/Sci-Fi/Romance/Hope&Survivors Series

Time doesnt exist here.
It's only a passing phase
A shimmer of something
That feels real
Only when you're away.
When I'm away from here.

It slows down time.
Cuts me off from you
Brings you closer every time.
How do you 
Do that to me.
Slow my mind
Altered states of consciousness
Where only you seem to roam.

Sights & sounds
Your touch.
They combine 
& create an a higher state of being
Above this place.

They say 
As you meditate
A euphoria comes over you.
Streams of counciousness
Open up 
& take you away.
And I sit here 
On this bench again
Knowing it's true.
Because all I have to do
Is reach my mind out to yours
& you take me 
Where you already are.

Where it never shines
Where it always rains.

Where you find my mind
Clinging to yours.

Where you touch me
& I sigh just thinking of you.

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