Saturday, September 26, 2015

Storms--AZ Rains Series---Angels, Guardians, & SoulMates Sereis(AZ Rains--Wings--Roses--Black--Reflection Sereis)

The rain in my head.
That's the funny part.
I see him
wherever I am.
In my sleep
In my path
in the stars above me.
He's still there.

The sky
opens up to me
it lets me see him here with me
So many fear it
the storms that ravage the Earth.
But what they don't know
what they don't hear
Is him.

They only see the fear
the rage.
The tearing of the sky above them.
They don't see the Life
that crawls out
from under.
From the
scrub brush at their feet.
As if
only Life they can identify
deserves to survive.

But that's not us
is it.
We see.
We see it all.
sounds of the air
ripping through our sky.
The textures of the sky
as the colors change
the clouds that feed us
open their arms ound us
welcome us home.

This is what I know.
What I live for.
What keeps me
These Storms.
Your Face.
Your Touch.
Your Breath in mine.

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