Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reach For Me--Press Play/Mystical&Sacred/Muscians&Writers Series

How do you I discribe this, This place inside of me, Inside of you.

How. How do you do this to me. Tears in my eyes, My stomach clenches, Warmth crawls into my chest. My face flush, My limbs warm & cool at the same time.

All sound escapes me but you. My sight obscures all things but you. I can't breath, I can't feel anything but you. Depth, Textures, Layers, Are all there underneath the surface. Where you let me touch, Let me go.

Your voice invites me in & your sweet, sweet beautiful spell wraps around me
& I can't feel me anymore. Only you.

Let me hear it. Let me see it. Only you. Please. Don't stop now, Don't let me slip away. Hold me here
until we reach it together. Reach for me & I'll reach for you. We'll sit here, Transposed over everything else. The rest of the world can go, Can disappear, Can be no more, Never again real for me. Never as real as you.

I can't breath when you hold me this way. Oh, but I more alive now, With you, Than I'll ever be. You open my Soul, When I close my eyes.

Closer. So close now. Yes. We're almost there, I can feel that moment waiting for me. The end, Another beginning. Share it with me one more time. Like you always do.

So close now, The crescendo pulls me to the end. And I know you'll wrap yourself around me when it's over. All I'll hear is you in my ears, Your voice in my head, Your perfect rhythm in my body.

When it ends, Stay with me for a little longer. One more time. And one more time.

You'll always be this way. Be this good, And I'll carry you with me, Come to you, Again & again. Caress you. Hold you close to me. Anticipating. In front of these people. I don't care.

But alone, Oh alone, We can just be you & me. The way I know only this can be. This Sacred space, This Heart, This Mind, This Soul. This Place you create only for me.

I come here once again, Like I always do. Waiting for that moment, To rise up, Pull me in, Take me where only you can, Where I will follow, Where a part of me will always be.

So here I sit, Reaching for my headphone once again. Waiting to press play.

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