Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dogma_Dog--A New Series On My Blog

I started a new account on Twitter last night--ADogNamedPuppy@Dogma_Dog .

I played around with this concept of Dogs & Cats bestowing their wisdom upon Humans on Twitter before-- & A lot of Pals seemed to have fun with it. I was inspired suddenly to make a whole new account & let Puppy have full control over this one to share her hard earned insights.

I want to thank everyone who immediately RTed, FAVed, & Replied--Anipals & Writers I've known on Twitter & /or FB for awhile--& New folks I hadn't met until Puppy shared her wisdom & advise Living Life With A Dog.

So I thought--What a fun way to play around some more with my writing--& share something new with you here on my Blog--So Puppy & I will come here often sharing her insights with you--& I as her typist will share a life through the eyes of a Dog.


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