Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Free To Love Again--A Rescue Animal's Prayer--Hope&Survivors/#Anipals--My Fur Babies(You Know Why)

This touch.
This Peace.
This moment.

This opportunity gone by
Like so many others
As they pass me by.

This one thing I beg
I ask of you.
A plea from 
Silent lips.
From eyes
That say 
I need you.

This one thing
That binds us together.
That keeps me apart 
From the others.
That lets me know
Let's me believe
I'm not alone.

Your words
Your strength
Your arms 
That carry me.
Rescue me
From this place.

'I have you'
'You're safe now'
'It's ok'
'I won't let anyone hurt you'
'You're home'

These are all I need
From you.
All I ever 
Have to hear.

I'll know I can 
Be free again.
Please don't ever
Let me go.

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