Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hold On-Be Proud--Mental Illness--Recovery/Hope&Survivors--Why I do what I Do On My Blog

From my Facebook Post---

I sat here last night, thinking...Things going through my head, what I've read about Robin Williams death a few days ago.

I watched & read the news reports ranging from cold to vulture-like--The personal accounts of friendship & sadness from celebrities making me wonder which of these were just self-serving--& Genuine pleas from Mental Heath advocates that reach out every day.

And I became more & more angry.

I've been there--With people I love--& Seen the shit storm--The Hell--The waking nightmares--That Mental Illness can be.

The courage--The incredible beauty in these hearts--The persistence--The shear unbelievable strength it takes to face some days.

And then--As a man who spent his life giving to others looses his battle to Illness--I hear assholes like the idiot newscaster announce Robin Williams was a "coward"--& Later gave a save-his-own-ass apology on air for his words.

I hear misinformed, heartless opinions like--If a person who does this loved  his family more--If he wasn't so selfish--If he tried harder--Why didn't he just get help--Why did he start using--Shoulda--Woulda--Coulda...

It's funny how--You'd never hear this about Cancer...

If they wanted to live more--If they just took their meds--If they just tried harder...

Because Mental Illness is an 'Invisable Disease'--People think it doesn't exist--Not REALLY--That if they just sucked it up & got over it already, they'd be fine, like everyone else. Look around you--The so called Everyone Else suck. Why be like someone who refuses to understand, or care?

Let me spell it out--There. Is. No. Shame. In. Mental Illness.

Be who you are--Get the help you need because YOU ARE WORTH IT--Live One Step At A Time-One Day At A Time.

Today--Right now--May be shit--But a minute from now--May not be. It will fluctuate--It always will. But if it can get cloudy--That only means that the sun can come out again.

Hold On--Be Proud--Surround Yourself With People Who Give A Shit--And Find A Reason To Wait For Another Sunny Day.

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