Friday, August 22, 2014

The Surface Below--Recovery/Disabilities/Hope & Survivors/Writers&Musicians/Spiritualality&Nature Series

Faith & Hope
Such elusive creatures.
Found in the natural world
Yet so difficult to capture.
And they seem so mercilessly combined
That to find one you must have the stength
To capture the other.
The same tactics must be used to capture
The preditory Experience & Courage.
To find these creatures who leark 
In such dark, lonely, dangerous 
Corners of the mind
You must be willing to chase
What you don't know
And accept what you don't feel.
But no one ever said 
You couldnt fall back & regroup 
No one is pushing you
Off of this ledge to the unknown.
Only you can decide 
When it is time.
It helps when you let go
Of some of the load you came with
Let go of old tapes that
Still play in your mind.
Remind yourself you are worthy
Of moving forward
Of finding & doing good.
This music of the Universe
We all dance to 
Is soothing once you know
It's rythem & beat
The force that pulls & pushes us.
That constant pounding in our ears
Feeling the life force 
That flows forcefully through our veins.
The survivors of this world
Understand this constant
Exchange of energy around us
Know it's yin & yang
It's ebb & flow.
Knowing that we are all like oceans
Resolponding to our own personal moons
Flowing through our lives
Carving out a path of  sand & granite.
Revealing gems & precious metals 
Thatt shine beneath the water's edge.
Life here is in need of constant change
Emerging from the depths
Reveals to us all we need to survive.
These elements of nature
Combine perfectly to sustain a life.
To nourish us cocooned safely
Until the day when we can emerge whole again.
Ready to face a new day.

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