Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 2--Hope & Survivors

When you look at me, writing here with you--Or a Casual Friend in person or on online--& You say to yourself 'How can they be this sick if they're always online?' 'How "sick"(eye roll) can their Loved One be if I see them acting & looking just fine to me?'.

And so goes the Endless Battles with the Outside World--The World these Warriors must Live & Survive In, outside of their Own Mind--& Their Own Home. 

'How bad can it be? I had that, & I didn't complain this much' 'Not again--This Drama Queen Act has got to stop' .....

'Move on already'.

I imagine, over the years, the people I've know, where I've said these things--When I've looked out from my relatively Healthy Body--& Been blind--My Soul & Mind somehow not comprehending what it can't conceive of--& How they must have felt Shock--Disappointment--Fear--As they realize someone they thought they Knew-Never really Understood them at all....

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