Monday, August 10, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 1--Hope & Survivors-Chronic Illness-Mental Illness-Trama-PTSD-Recovery-Addiction

Chronic Illness--Mental Illness--Trama--PTSD--Recovery--Addiction.....
These Warriors Of Recovery--These Battles Fought, Sometimes Won, Sometimes Lost-----

THESE are my Heros.

Because they fight Silent Killers. Because these Assassins Of The Soul, lay in silence, waiting for a Moment Of Weakness. Prey on the Innocent. Disguise themselves as any Normal Moment--& Cleverly insinuate their way into those Warriors lives....And the most crule of all--They are Masters Of Manipulation--Convincing the People around these Warriors, that they are nothing more than a Passing Traveler--A Passing Phase.

Those People Who Should Go To Battle for these Warriors, are instead led to dismiss what they see. To ignore the Signs. Create False Perceptions of Those Who Are Slowly Losing The Battle.....

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