Sunday, August 16, 2015

How My Personal Poetry Blog Infuences What I Make On Our ReLi Arts Etsy Shop--When I Create Wearable Art I'm Still 'On My Blog'--Part 1

Thank You to ALL of the wonderful Folks who read my Personal Blog----

I got started doing Online Pawties--& Social Circles Involving & Promoting Animal Rights--Shelters & Rescues--Pet Parenting--& Grief Support...

I was accepted into--& Mentored by--A large International Loosely & Tightly Knit Group Of People--& As I learned the ropes--I Discovered that Online is very much like Offline--There  are Folks who genuinely want you to Succed--& People  who only feel comfortable with your presence if you comply with their ridgid rules of  behaviors & expectations.

The real Key was to recognize & accept that--Grow as a Social Person Who Isn't Always Comfortable In Social Situations...& Recognize When The People Around You Really Are Actually Toxic.

I've always Written, Drawn, Pondered Meaning In My Head--& Those familiar with my Blog, See the progression of more than a year of an esencially Public Display of that....That I'm failable-That I fall--I bleed-I...Suffer losses...& I likely cause some as well.

But, This is why we are here isn't it--To join with other People who understand us--To view the Failures of others-To try to find Reason--Meaning--Acceptance--Even if only--& Maybe especially--From Ourselves.

So--I continued to Explore--Recount--Wallow--Bath In My Past--& Find Mind Searing Peace...& Discoved Other Writers Online--& People Who 'Get It'.

Fast forward to almost a year ago--& We are finally found Online--On a little Shop--Selling stuff we've enjoyed making in our own living room for 3 Generations now's full filling a Promise to each other made over a decade ago--That we would find a way to Support ourselves, to grow, make Progress, no matter what.

You'll see a lot of those Changes--Challenges--& Motivating Moments here--"On My Blog" Posts--& In the Poems & Series/Short Stories--That are mostky--If not all's Autobiographies & Biographies From My Perspective--Thinly veiled Personal Mements In Time--With a dash of Faith--& A Beautiful Sprinkling of Hope......

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