Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Heros-Warriors Of Recovery-Part 3--Hope & Survivors

And so then, I go on to think of the Moments in my own Experiences with Illness--My own Weakest Moments--& Those of my own Loved Ones, as I stand beside them--& I realise what it looked like on the Outside Looking In... & The sheer Disconnection I felt looking from the Inside Out--Watching Those Who Should Have Championed An Innocent, slowly remove themselves, absolving themselves of Guilt Of Imperfection By Association.

I Remember in vivid, mind numbing techno color, the Looks Of Fear...These are the Looks I remember most--& The Looks Of Consdisention--The Ones that said 'I don't Belive you' You didn't Do it right' 'You didn't Try hard enough'....

' I can't do this with you--I won't'......

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