Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#DragonMagicTours --Something New To Explore On My Blog -- #Anipals -- #Poetry -- #SpecialNeeds -- #AZPals

I want to thank everyone for your patience & continued excitement--As my Family & I have taken a lot of time Offline to recover from illnesses.

I plan to officially start the Tours this month(Aug).

Our first trip will be to Goldfield Ghost town--A real, authentic, Old West Ghost Town, on the tail end of the East Valley, here in the Valley Of The Sun, Phoenix Arizona, USA.

I plan to take you on lots more adventures around The Valley--From popular Touist sites--To locally know places that hold special places in our Hearts.

We'll explore places like restaurants owned, run, & frequented by Celebrities --To tiny places owned & run in the same spot by local families for generations.

You'll see the stadiums & arenas that house our AZ pro sports teams--Along w/ other venues that host celebrities from around the world.

You'll see Museums that display international exhibits--& Ones who preserve local tradition & culture.

I'll show you zoos that not only are home to amazing species from around the world--But also actively help preserve those species for our next generations.

We'll tour historical homes & landmarks--& Get a feel for why these places were and are important, now & then.

I'll take you for a journey around our unique Desert landscape--Where some of the most unusual, & sometimes most deadly, creatures have learned to survive.

All this--Together--In the easy comfort of my many virtual Planes, provided by some of my Twitter Pals--& Of course made even easier by a little Dragon Magic.

So check out all you need to know below--& I look forward to seeing you soon.

I also want to add 2 #Anipals Groups/Weekly &/or Monthly Events to the list below--

#TankyTuesday -- #WiggleButtWednesday 

#DragonMagicTours is a little online virtual tour group on Twitter & FB--
Designed to include ALL ppl & Pals--Of ALL Abilities & Disabilities.

I always get such excitement from Friends, Family, & Pals when I share pics of my Offline Families travels around the Valley Of The Sun, here in Phoenix AZ USA.

Pals expressed an interest in going on little virtual tours with me.

And I am so inspired by a few particular #TheAviators pilots--Their kindness, expertise, excitement, & dedication to flying--That I wanted to share what I do, & what I know.

Which is how I came up w/ the tour group name--Useing a little Magic gets us not only OVER places like landmarks & ghost towns-- But INSIDE places like museums & zoos.

In my Offline-- & Online life--I have many Friends, Family, & Pals w/ Special Needs of all kinds.
And many times--Even a trip to a store or restaurant is a challenge too great to over come.

But we ALL enjoy companionship, in one form or another.

And Online Communities ARE that companionship for many of us.

My flying inspiration Pals give tours, do air shows, build new & rebuild old planes, go on Escort/Tribute & just for fun #TheAviators Missions & more--Either virtually, &/or as a hobby at home.

And since I'm very much a beginner at all this--I don't expect to make enough "$" to fund my online planes.

I only ask if you DO want to-- & are able to-- make a contribution--That you donate by using the hash tag #Purrs4Peace & #Anipals at some point during your trip.

In that way--You can contribute to an Online Community that works to share companionship with ALL who need it.

In that Spirit--

I don't require you to come to each tour--Or be on time--Or stay the entire trip.

I only ask that when we go on these tours together--Everyone be kind & respectful.

We will each bring our own styles of Expression-- & our own Challanges & Abilities with us.

So just do the best the you're able-- & enjoy.

As you explore with us--I hope you'll get to know so many other great #Anipals groups on Twitter & FB--

#TheAviators -- #PA & #BBOT -- #Pawcircle -- #WLF -- #HealingPurrsPawty -- #NeonCandles -- #FBJam -- #MemoryCandleMonday -- #TiaraTuesday & #HopePawty -- #WigItUpWednesday -- #Nipclub -- #SpecialNeedsSpecialAbilitiesSaturday

Many of the places we'll explore together on these tours--Are also places I am frequently in my mind--So feel free to explore those places too, in my Poetry on this Blog.

We haven't picked a set Day & Time each week yet for our tours--

So-- Contact me-- & Let me know what could work for you.

Hope to see you ALL soon.

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